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121 Model Windows Discriminator
1300M Micropipette Beveler
Mirrored Disk for 1300M Micropipette Beveler
260 Model Microiontophoresis Current Programmer
300051-52 Fiber Optic Collimator
3468 Rackmount Kit
3469 Rackmount Kit
3484 DAM series Rackmount Kit
42200 Universal Dipping Probe Stand
3492 8-pin Female DIN
48000 Microbeveler
4898 Silver Epoxy
5399 Flow Through T Adapter
5430-ALL PicoNozzle (version 2) Instruction Sheet
5430 PicoNozzle (version 1) Instruction Sheet
56200/56300 Inline Fiber Optic Filter Holder
58006 Sample Injector Kit for LWCC
7335 Electrically Conductive Carbon Epoxy
765 Standard and High Performance Peltier Tissue Bath Temperature Controllers
900A Micropressure System for measuring hydrostatic pressure in small vessels and cells
900A-VAC Vacuum System for 900A Micropressure System
89372 LWCC-INJ-SYS LWCC Injection System
91750 EVOM2 1000 Ohm Test Resistor
91850 Microprobe Handle
501609 LWCC Cleaning Kit
501610 Magnetic Heating Stirrer
501622/501623 Universal Manipulator Stand
504288/504289 Reciprocating Pump Kit


A300 Pulse Master
Multi-channel Pulse/Train Generator/Stimulator
A310 Pulse Generator
A320 Stimulus Isolator
A360LA High Voltage Stimulus Isolator
A362 Battery Charger for A320, A360, A365
A365 Constant Current Bipolar Stimulus Isolator
A382 Battery Charger for A385
A385 Linear Stimulus Isolator
A395 Linear Stimulus Isolator
ABM Audible Baseline Monitor
Adapter 15978 for pulling P-5 and P-7 multi-barrel glass on micropipette puller PUL-100
Ag/AgCl Silver/Silver Chloride Electrode Pellets and Discs
AirTherm Instruction Manual–Modular Unit with Serial Port (EZ Zone Controller)
AirTherm SMT Instruction Manual
AirTherm ATX Quick Start
AirTherm ATX Instruction Manual (SD Controller - Old unit)
AirTherm H Instruction Manual (EZ Zone Controller)
Aladdin Programmable Syringe Pump
Apollo1000 One Channel Free Radical Analyzer
ATC1000 Animal Temperature Controller
ATC2000 Animal Temperature Controller



BAM21 Amplifier/Temperature Controller for SI-H Muscle Testers
Beetrode pH Electrodes
Binocular Loupes Instruction Manual
BLPR2 Blood Pressure Transducer
Bovie A900
Bovie A1250
BP-1 Pressure Monitor
Boom Stand Instruction Manual


CALBUF1 Calcium Buffers
CALBUF2 Calcium Buffers
Camera/Microscope Configuration Chart
CaliCell Instruction Manual
CF10/CF30 Carbon Fiber Microelectrodes Instruction Manual
CG-0800/CG-0801 Distillation Kit Instruction Sheet
CHM4 Note
CO2-200 Carbon Dioxide Controller
CO2-300 Carbon Dioxide Controller with external sensor
Crystal Pipettes - Single Channel and Multi-channel
CW-MicroCapStar CO2 Analyzer
CW-MRI-1 MRI Compatible Ventilator
CW-SAR-830 Ventilator
89328, 89340 Cuvette Holders Manual



D2H D2H-2 Deuterium Halogen Light Sources
D4H UV/VIS Fiber Optic Light Source
DAM50 Differential Amplifier
DAM80 Differential Amplifier
DipTip Instruction Manual
DLS100 Stimulus Isolator
DMF1000 Micro-processor Controlled Microforge
Dri-Ref-450 Reference Electrode
Dri-Ref Reference Electrodes
Dri-Ref-L Reference Electrode
DS8000 Digital Stimulator
DSPL Linear Displacement Transducer
Duo773 Dual Probe Microsystem
DVC1000 Dual Voltage Clamp



Eagle Pipetters Assembly Views and Replacement Parts
Eagle Adjustable Pipetters
ECU/STEV Environmental Control Unit (Stagetop Environment) version 2.0Instruction Manual
ECU/STEV Environmental Control Unit (Stagetop Environment) version 3.0 Instruction Manual
EK1 Ussing Electrode Kit
EL Series Better Skin Electrodes Instruction Manual
Electro705 Battery Operated, Low Noise, Wide Band Electrometer Preamplifier
ELS370NF External Light Module for LEDlite and Nanoflow Microflourometer
Endohm Tissue Resistance Measurement Chambers
EVC4000 Multi channel Voltage/Current Clamp
EVOM2 Epithelial Volt/Ohm Meter
EVOM and EVOMX Epithelial Volt/Ohm Meter
EZ Anesthesia Instruction Manual
EZ Anesthesia Quick Reference



FC-23B DC Amplifier
FD233a Instruction Manual
FL-MFCS Microfluidics Control System
FluoroDish Assay Certificate of Analysis
FluoroDish Certificate of Analysis
FluoroDish Certificate of Analysis
FluoroDish Collagen Certificate of Analysis
FluoroDish Collagen Certificate of Analysis
FluoroDish PDL Certificate of Analysis
FluoroDish PDL Certificate of Analysis
FO-6000 Tungsten Light Source
FO-6000FILT Inline Filter Holder for FO-6000
FORT100, FORT250, FORT1000, FORT5000 Force Transducers
FORT10g, FORT25 Force Transducers



G-spin Centrifuge Instruction Manual
Glassware-Distillation Kit Instruction Sheet
Gluture Instruction Manual
GSNO Datasheet



Holder Half Cells Instruction Manual
Microelectrode Holders Care & Use
HS6 Micromanipulator Care & Maintenance Document



IE010 IE190 IE200 Liquid Ion Exchangers
IGS100 Glucose Sensor
INV-101 Inverted Microscope Installation Guide
ISDB Bridge-8 Transducer Amplifier/ISO-DAM8A
ISO-80 Isolated Differential Amplifier
ISO-COP-2 Carbon Monoxide Sensor
ISO-DAM8A Low Noise Bioamplifier
ISO-H2S-100 Hydrogen Sulfide Sensor
ISO-H2S-2 Hydrogen Sulfide Sensor
ISO-HPO-100 Hydrogen Peroxide Sensor
ISO-HPO-2 Hydrogen Peroxide Sensor
ISO-NOP Sensor Instruction Manual
ISO-NOP200 Nitric Oxide Sensor
ISO-NOPF500 Nitric Oxide Sensor
ISO-OXY-2/OXELP Oxygen Sensor
ISO2 Oxygen Meter


JUV Rejuvenator for ISO-NOPSensors



KITE Micromanipulators Care and Maintenance
Kwik-Sil-Cast Silicone Elastomers
Kwik-Tip Ion-Selective Electrodes


Lab-Trax-4/16 4-Channel Data Acquisition Hardware
Lab-Trax-4/24T Instruction Manual
LabTrax 8/16 with MDAC Data Acquisition Instruction Manual
LEDlite Power Supply and Transformer for Single ELS Module
LEDspec Instruction Manual
Binocular Loupes Instruction Manual
LPF30 Low Pass Filter
LUME Photocell Transducer
LWCC Cleaning Kit
2000 Series LWCC Liquid Waveguide Capillary Cells
3000 Series LWCC Liquid Waveguide Capillary Cells
4000 Series LWCC Liquid Waveguide Capillary Cells
LWCC-M-XX Micro Flow Cells
LWCC-INJ-SYS LWCC Injection System (89372)



M-3 Tilt Base Instruction Sheet
M325 Manual Manipulator Instruction Manual
MagicStir Low Profile Magnetic Stirrer Instruction Manual
MDAC Data Acquisition Instruction Manual
MemoryFlex Instruction Sheet
Micromanipulator Care and Maintenance

Why Measure Mechanical Properties
Using Parylene Coated Metal Microelectrodes
MF200 Microforge
MicroC Carbon Fiber Potentiostat
WPI Microscope/Camera Configuration Chart
MiniStar Minature DC Peristaltic Pump
MITYFLEX Peristaltic Pump
MM3-ALL Micropositioner
MMP/DMP Manual Microsyringe Pumps
MPM10 Piezo Translator for DC3001 Motorized Micromanipulator
MPM20 Piezo Translator for M3301 and DC3001Micromanipulators
MPS2 Multi-Channel Perfusion System Instruction Manual
MPS2 µ-manifold Instruction Manual
MSI150 High Intensity Optical Illuminator
MTM-3 Motorized Stereotaxic Frame
Myobath2 Multi-Channel Tissue Bath System

MULTI96 Resistance Measurement Chamber for MP 96-well Plates
Myobath2 Multi-Channel Tissue Bath System


NanoFil Microsyringe for Nanoliter Injection
Nanoliter2000 Microprocessor Controlled Nanoliter Injector
Nanoliter2000- Chinese Manual
Nanoliter2010 Microprocessor Controlled Nanoliter Injector
NOCHM-4 Multiport Measurement Container
NO Microsensors
Novaflex High Intensity Source for Fiber Optic Illumination
NSA3 Activator for WPI NO Sensors
NVSL/NVSLM1 Instruction Manual



OmniDrill35 Instruction Manual
OxyMicro Fiber Optic Oxygen Measuring System
OxyMini Fiber Optic Oxygen Meter



PeriStarPRO Digital Peristaltic Pump
pHOptica Micro
PM Series hand held monitors for vacuum and pressure management
PNEU Pressure Transducers
PPM5000 PiezoPatch
PSMB5/PSMT5 Precision Surgioscope
PSMB5N/PSMT5N Precision Surgioscope
PUL-1000 Programmable Puller Instruction Manual
PV820/PV830 Pneumatic Pico Pumps Instruction Manual
PZMiii Precision Zoom Stereo Microscopes
PZMiv Precision Zoom Stereo Microscopes



QFT1/2 Fiber Optic Holder for Glass Fiber Filters (89575/89385)



504288/504289 Reciprocating Pump Kit
Regal Pipetters
REMS AutoSampler Instruction Manual



SDR2 Super DriRef Reference Electrode Instruction Manual

SF-PF190 Microfluidic Pump Instruction Manual
SI-BAM21-LC KG Optical Force Transducer Amplifier Instruction Manual
SI-H Biological Signals Amplifier Instruction Manual
SI-BF-100 Biofluorometer
SI-CTS100 Cell Tester Instruction Manual
SI-CTS200 Cell Tester Instruction Manual
SI-HTB Horizontal Tissue Bath Install Guide
SI-LabTrax-8/16-MDAC Data Acquisition Instruction Manual
SI-LANGC Compact Langendorff Instruction Manual
SI-LANG1 Single Column Langendorff Instruction Manual
SI-LANG2 Dual Column Langendorff Instruction Manual
SI-LANGWH Langendorff Working Heart (Neely) Instruction Manual
SI-MB4/SI-MB8 4- or 8-Chamber Muscle Bath Instruction Manual
SI-MB4/SI-MB8 Electronics Instruction Manual
SI-MB4/SI-MB8 Packing List
SI-MKB Install Guide
SI-MT Muscle Tester Install Guide
SI-MT Muscle Tester/MKB/Horizontal Tissue Bath Electronics Instruction Manual
SI-SARCAM-CTS Sarcomere Spacing Module
SI-TCM2 Temperature Control Module

SM325 Instruction Manual
SM325 LSTEP/Eco-Step and LSTEP/PCI Positioning System
SM325 MCL Positioning System
SNAP Certificate of Analysis
SN-PZ-50 Micromanipulators Instruction Manual (Used with the SI-CTS200)
SP100 series Microprocessor Controlled Syringe Pumps
SP101i Two Syringe Infusion Pump for Microdialysis
SP120p-300 Dual Syringe Pump for simultaneous infusion and withdrawal
SP200 Micorprocessor Controlled Syringe Pumps
SP200 Programmable Pump Option for SP200 Syringe Pumps
SPT Spectro Pipetter Miniature Sample Cell for Microliter Sampling
Stereotaxic Frame Assembly and Setup
Digital Stereotaxic Frame Assembly Manual
Measuring the Biaxial Stress-Strain Characteristics of Human Sclera
STX100 Electrode for TEER Measurement
STX2 Chopstick Electrode for TEER Measurement
STX3 Adjustable Chopstick Electrode for TEER Measurement
Surgical Instruments - Care and Handling



TBM4M Transbridge Transducer Amplifier Manifold
TBR4100/1025 Free Radical Analyzer
Microprocessor Based Temperature/Process Contro



UltraPath Multiple Path Length Sample Cell
UMP3 Ultra Micro Pump III
UMS Universal Manipulator Stand
42200 Universal Dipping Probe Stand
Ussing System



Z-LITE Instruction Manual
Z-MOLDS Zebrafish Microinjection and Transplantation Molds Instruction Manual


The instruction manuals for many of our products are listed on this page, including manuals for old and discontinued WPI products. These manuals detail how to use and care for WPI products, as well as setup and assembly instruction. If you have questions that are not answered in our instruction manuals, please email us at or give us a call at (866) 606-1974 (Toll free in the USA).