Catalogs and Brochures

Looking for information on WPI products or WPI catalogs? You can download them all from right here. 


download the WPI main catalog Download the WPI Surgical Instrument Catalog Download the Sterilization Baskets Catalog

New Product Brochures

 New NANOLITER2020 Injector Microinjectors Brochure Download the Microdialysis brochure   

 New EVOM3  Download the Cell encapsulation brochure Download the ECG Monitoring brochure Download the MICRO-ePORE brochure Download the Microdialysis brochure Download the Neurophysiology products brochure Download the brochure for New Stereotaxic Instruments New Products at WPI



Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Brochures

 Download the facemasks brochure Download the UV Tabletop Sterilizer brochure Download the UV Room Sterilizer brochure



Surgical Instruments and Tools Brochures

Download the Biopsy Punch Flier Download the Sterilization Baskets & Trays brochure Download the New Surgical Instruments brochure Download the Black Surgical Instrument brochure Download the Cleaning Products brochure Download the Tools for Manufacturing brochure Download WPI's Surgical Instrument brochure Download the Pathology/Gross Anatomy brochure Download the brochure to see how easy it is to customize a surgical instrument kit Download the brochure on Ophthalmic Surgical Instrument kitsSurgical Instrument Cleaning Poster Surgical Instrument Care and Cleaning Booklet



Applications Brochures

 Download the Neuroscience Application brochure Download the Plant Sciences Application brochure Download the Zebrafish Applications brochureMicroinjection brochure


Spectroscopy/Optics Brochures

Download the CDOM brochure Download the Optics brochure Download the Optical pH Measurement System brochureDownload the LWCC5000 brochure Download the QVLUXDUV Optical Fiber brochure



WPI Plans and Programs Brochures

 Download the Extended Warranty brochure Download the New Lab Startup brochure



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