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  1. Using a Microscope with a Stereotaxic Frame
    April 30, 2013
    You can use the PZMIV stereo microscope with a stereotaxic frame as shown in the image below. This setup shows a PZMIV-BS. The U-frame Base Plate (502045) is shown, but most stereotaxic frames can be used in this way. Choose a stereo microscope objective that allows you plenty of room to work. For example, the 0.5X objective has 187mm working distance, or the 0.32X objective has 296mm working distance. You could also add a Z-LITE-Z186 illuminator. If necessary, use a 5 to 10 lb.counter weight on the boom stand base to prevent the microscope from tipping.
  2. Microscope Basics
    April 29, 2013
    Microscopes are a standard laboratory tool, but purchasing the right microscope for a particular application can be a challenge. First, consider how you will use the instrument. Are you looking at slides, dissecting a small animal or performing a surgery? (The application dictates the necessary working distance and power of magnification.) What kind of a stand will you be using? (Boom stand, articulating arm or post stand) Will the microscope be used in a classroom setting? (A trinocular scope offers the option of including a camera.) Will you need a camera?
  3. Understanding Microscope Objectives
    April 29, 2013
    NOTE: For an introduction to microscopes, see Microscope Basics. A variety of microscope objectives are available. All objectives use lenses to focus light. Light is broken down into various wavelengths (colors) as it travels through a lens. The various wavelengths have different focal points. That means that red, green and blue appears to focus at different points. This is called chromatic aberration. Spherical aberrations are focal mismatches caused by the shape of the lens. Quality lenses are designed correct for chromatic and spherical aberration to bring the primary colors to a common focal point. These terms may help you determine the best objective for your application: Achromatic objectives–This objective brings red and blue light to a common focus, and is corrected for spherical aberrations for green. It is excellent for black and white viewing. If an objective i
  4. Adjusting a Microscope
    April 29, 2013
    These instructions describe how to properly focus a binocular microscope. Turn on the lamp and adjust its intensity. Adjust the interpupilary distance so that the two circles of light merge into one. Place a sample on the stage. Select the 10X objective and look through the right eyepiece only. Use the coarse and fine focus control knobs to adjust the focus of the sample. When the sample is clearly visible, use only your left eye. Do NOT adjust the focus knobs. Instead, adjust the diopter on the left eyepiece until the sample comes clearly into view. The image should be clear with both eyes open. Choose the desired objective. You may need to adjust the fine focus a little.   Camera/Microscope Configuration Chart
  5. Micro Injection Setup 101
    April 29, 2013
    When it comes to setting up microinjection systems, the options appear endless. The pictures below give some broad suggestions on how you might set up your own system. Keep in mind that many parts are interchangeable depending on your needs or preferences. In general, you will need a stereo microscope on a stand, a light source, one or two micromanipulators with stands, and one or two injection systems. The following images show various setups for microinjection, and all the WPI part numbers are included for easy reference. Remember, when you set up your own system, choose the parts that fit your needs. For example: M10 or the M9 magnetic base could be used.
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