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  1. Long Pathlength Ensures Significant Increase of Sensitivity
    June 15, 2020
    [by Tiana Riggi]  UV/VIS/NIR absorbance spectroscopy is governed by Beer's Law, where the absorbance signal is proportional to chemical concentration, light path length and the compound’s specific molar absorption coefficient. Typical optical pathlengths of cuvettes and flow cells are between 0.1 cm and 10 cm. Longer pathlengths are difficult to achieve due to mechanical constraints. WPI solved this problem with the LWCC Liquid Waveguide Capillary Cells. LWCCs are fiber optic flow cells that combine an increased optical pathlength range from 10–500 cm with small sample volumes ranging from 2.4 µL to about 3 mL. Compared with a standard 1 cm cell you can expect to achieve a 10-500 fold increase in sensitivity.    
  2. WPI's Photonics Center of Excellence Array of Optical Products
    June 15, 2020
    [by Tiana Riggi]  WPI now provides a full range of components and solutions, from proprietary qualified fibers to optical assemblies and fully integrated spectroscopy measurement systems. WPI knows the importance of making measurements where the science happens, and WPI has a full range of reflectance and transmission dipping probes, flowcells and long pathlength liquid waveguide capillary cells, also known as LWCCs with up to 500 cm pathlength that eliminates the need to take a sample to an instrument. Our Photonics Center of Excellence in Friedberg, Germany also allows us to build proven custom configurations quickly. Whether that is a new optical design for a probe, an optical assembly or a customized measurement system.    
  3. WPI Optical Fiber Solutions for Researchers and Product Developers
    June 15, 2020
    [by Tiana Riggi]  From Deep UV to Near Infrared, WPI's optical fiber solutions include a variety of multimode step index designs. In many fields of application in optical sensor and analysis technology, optical fibers and components are required for illumination and for light detection. WPI designs and builds customer-specific fiber assemblies that function reliably with unmatched lot to lot high transmission throughput. Our specialty fiber is one key feature in this in it's the only fiber material currently on the market certified to a DIN standard. The assembly can be a simple 1 fiber patch cord to integrate into your broadband spectrum analyzer to a custom-specific complex fiber transmission probe suitable for difficult environmental conditions. We also offer certified unjacketed bulk fiber.    
  4. How to Order Custom Qualified Optical Fiber
    May 21, 2020
    [by Tiana Ruchti] When you have exact specifications for your fiber optic assemblies, WPI delivers with proprietary qualified optical fibers designed by in-house optical engineers. You can count on superior performance from WPI's spectroscopy products and the published research scientists who design them. When you depend on reliable data for your discoveries, consider WPI's German Optics Department for qualified optical fiber and assemblies.     Here we discuss the process for submitting a request for an optical fiber to match your needs using the WPI optical fiber selection guide, which is printed in the
  5. Qualified Optical Fiber Eliminates Lot-to-Lot Variability
    May 21, 2020
    [by Tiana Ruchti] Qualified Optical Fiber is a new proprietary product brought to you World Precision Instruments. When you need true plug-and-play optical fibers, you need qualified fiber. Qualified fiber ensures you get consistent measurement results regardless of which fiber you use, even if you switch fibers in the middle of your application. WPI manufactures "Off-The-Shelf" and "Made to Order" high quality spectroscopy fiber and fiber probes. Examples such as transmission dip probes for protein DNA/RNA Quantification, UV Raman Probes for in situ environmental testing of PAHs in aqueouos systems, fluorescence probes designed to detect pH and membrane portential, to standard fiber patch cable to couple to fiberoptic spectrometers, sources and accessories.  
  6. Advanced Flowcell Cleaning for Liquid Waveguide Capillary Cells
    December 20, 2019
    The purpose of this article is to describe a new cleaning procedure for thoroughly cleaning WPI flowcells, including Liquid Waveguide Capillary Cells (LWCCs), UltraPath flowcells and optical cuvettes. The image (right) shows a 3000 series LWCC with a MiniStar pump and the LWCC injection system placed on top of it. Preparation of Chemicals All chemical reagents should be of at least ACS-Grade, preferably HPLC-Grade. This procedure involves the use of caustic and flammable reagents. Consult the manufacturer’s MSDS for necessary safety precautions. Cleaning Solution #1: 0.5M Potassium Hydroxide in 100% Ethanol (e.g.: 7 g KOH in 250mL EtOH). After thoroughly mixing, filter the solution through a 20µm pore size filter. Cleaning Solution #2: 100% Methanol, HPLC grade Cleaning Solution #3: Ultrapure water, Type I per ASTM D1193-99 or equivalent NOTE: Grade 1 ultrapure water per ISO 3696 differs significantly from the above classification. Cleaning Procedure The preferred method of cleaning involves the use of a spectrometer (e.g. Tidas E Base) or photometer based detection system in “monitor mode” throughout the entire cleaning process. This allows the technician to observe the extent of performance improvement as a function of time. The image (right) shows the top view of a MiniStar pump and an LWCC Injection System. The injection system has the DIW and Waste containers at the back, and the three cleaning solutions and a sample bottle on the right side. The simplest cleaning method involves using a peristaltic pump (#MiniStar) to flow each cleaning solution through the sample cell in the appropriate order. A convenient way to perform this task is to use WPI’s LWCC Injection System (#89372). It is recommended that the pump be configured to “pull” through the cell to avoid possib
  7. How to order custom optical fibers
    July 22, 2019
    WPI offers custom fiber optic cables and assemblies. This video show how to create a custom ordering code to designate what you need. If you have any questions about ordering Fiber Optic Cables and Assemblies for your laboratory or application, just give us a call (866-606-1974) or email us at wpi@wpiinc.com. More Info
  8. Qualified Fiber
    May 17, 2019
    Optical measurements are important to researchers. Discover today how WPI has contributed with the recent release of Qualified Fiber.
  9. Why Choose Qualified Fiber Optic Assemblies
    February 11, 2019
    Not all fibers are created equal. When your research is on the line, the choice is clear. Because,WPI optical fibers are qualified for your next project. Think of it this way–it is optical fiber that finally addresses the lingering issue of fiber performance variability. Qualified fiber ensures repeatability from one fiber cable to the next. Let me explain. Other attributes of a complete fiber optic sensing system have been addressed to ensure repeatability and accuracy from one system to the next. However, given the  nature of working with light especially in the UV and with the process of making multimode UV optical fiber, optical fibers have been a limiting factor for product developers. Historically, this critical component of a system WAS an inherent weakness. Not anymore. WPI provides product developers, and researchers with UV basic attenuation data after manufacturing for starters. The proprietary formulation of WPI fiber resists UV degradation to allow for deep UV down to 185 nm. The UV performance of the fiber is dependent on two parameters, the basic attenuation and the solarization induce loss over usage time. When you purchase UV qualified fiber, you receive a certificate for the UV transmission of your assembly after it has be
  10. Your OEM Partner for Qualified Fiber, Assemblies, Probes and Flow Cells
    February 08, 2019
    Trusted Partner for Reliable Measurements WPI is dedicated to being your preferred OEM supplier for optical fiber products by offering the following: Quality Products and Expert Service – After over 50 years in business, we’ve learned that it takes more to be your partner than just great quality and fair prices. We have implemented measures such as our ISO-9001:2015 certification throughout our home office and production facility to improve our efficiency and ensure quality. We also have invested in six sigma certifications with continuing effort to improve processes within the organization. Personal Service – A dedicated OEM account manager and a seasoned optical engine
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