Why Choose Qualified Fiber Optic Assemblies

why choose wpi fiber optic assemblies

Not all fibers are created equal. When your research is on the line, the choice is clear. Because,WPI optical fibers are qualified for your next project.

what does that mean? Think of it this way–it is optical fiber that finally addresses the lingering issue of fiber performance variability. Qualified fiber ensures repeatability from one fiber cable to the next.
But how can that be? Let me explain. Other attributes of a complete fiber optic sensing system have been addressed to ensure repeatability and accuracy from one system to the next. However, given the  nature of working with light especially in the UV and with the process of making multimode UV optical fiber, optical fibers have been a limiting factor for product developers. Historically, this critical component of a system WAS an inherent weakness. Not anymore.
Okay. Tell me more.

number 1

WPI provides product developers, and researchers with UV basic attenuation data after manufacturing for starters.

number 2

The proprietary formulation of WPI fiber resists UV degradation to allow for deep UV down to 185 nm. The UV performance of the fiber is dependent on two parameters, the basic attenuation and the solarization induce loss over usage time. When you purchase UV qualified fiber, you receive a certificate for the UV transmission of your assembly after it has been built. Secondly, you receive a certificate of the induced loss generated by continuous exposure to a 30 W deuterium bulb of each fiber material batch from 185-360 nm.


number 3The proprietary formulation of WPI fiber allows for
excellent transmission of UV light in longer length fiber than has been feasible in the past. This is primarily because of the degradation of the fiber itself over time. WPI’s QUALIFIED OPTICAL FIBERS let you easily clear this hurdle in designing your next product.

Can you back that up with data?

Absolutely! Contact your OEM Account Manager, and we will gladly provide the data you need.

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