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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  1. Setup WPI CleanRay-2000 Ultraviolet Room Sterilizer
    June 11, 2020
      When your protection from bacteria, molds and viruses is important, WPI's CleanRay-2000 becomes a critical piece of your personal protective equipment. WPI's CleanRay-2000 UV Sterilizer can sterilize a small room in 30-60 minutes. Here we show you how to install the UV bulb in the lamp and setup your unit.          The CleanRay-2000 UV Room Sterilzer is easy to setup. Before you begin, though, we offer a few warnings.  WARNING: THIS UNIT USES UVC LIGHT, WHICH WILL DAMAGE SKIN AND EYES. PEOPLE AND PETS SHOULD NEVER
  2. Why Choose a Reusable Face Mask?
    April 23, 2020
    WPI offers the S9 self-priming respirator, a critical component of your personal protective equipment (PPE). The S9 is a reusable industrial face mask designed to KN95 standards. This means that it will block >95% of all particulate matter in the air larger than 2 µm in size. The face mask employs inexpensive replaceable filters. Looking at the initial cost, you may wonder if the resusable mask is worth the higher cost. This mask pays for itself very quickly when you consider how many disposable masks it replaces. Reuseable Face Mask Lasts Longer The long length of service of a WPI industrial reusable face mask (as opposed to disposable masks that use the same sort of filter material) is the result of its design. A plastic filter shield is securely attached to a silicone face mask. Together the face mask and filter shield can last up to two (2) years. The plastic filter shield houses the actual filter cartridge, which is disposable. With a disposable mask, people are constantly readjusting the mask. Their hands are usually what transfers pathogens from the surfaces they touch to their faces, noses and mouths. That’s why the CDC advises that we constantly wash our hands and not touch our faces. Each time we adjust a disposable mask with our hands, we contaminate it. The outside of every disposable mask should be considered "dirty." It is likely contaminated. In the case of WPI's reusable face mask, the filter is protected from our hands by a plastic housing which does not obstruct airflow. The mask is easily taken on and off without directly touching the filters. In a normal environment, the filters should be replaced every seven (7) to ten (10) days. In high risk environments, change the filters every three (3) to five (5) days.  To clean the face mask, simply wipe it with hot water (75°C) or alcohol. Watch the video below to see how easy it is to replace the filters in the reusable face mask.   Save Money with Reusable Mask Let's compare WPI's reusable face mask with typical disposable face masks. In a normal environment, you should change a disposable mask twice a day. WPI's face mask with a s
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