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metal electrodes

  1. Metal Microelectrodes Basics
    April 26, 2013
    Superior microelectrodes for outstanding extracellular recording — tungsten, iridium, platinum-iridium, and Elgiloy® Click here to view the Metal Microelectrode Selection Guide Types of Metal Electrodes WPI offers a large variety of metal electrodes and they come in three basic styles (profiles). The selection guide that follows references the three electrode profiles. In addition, concentric bipolar electrodes are also discussed, as well as some of the options offered for the metal electrodes. NOTE: The electrode diagrams below are not shown to scale.  Profile A  
  2. Metal Microelectrode Selection Guide
    April 26, 2013
    WPI offers an array of metal microelectrodes. In this guide, we will look at introductory assortments, concentric electrodes, profile A, profile B and profile C electrodes. For basic information on these types of metal electrodes, see the Metal Microelectrode Basics page. Links to these related posts appear below this article. Eligoy Steel is a *Cobalt/chromium/nickel alloy. Deciphering Part Numbers With few exceptions, the WPI metal electrodes conform to a part number standard depicted below. For the part number shown, you can determine that: Metal - The electrode is made of platinum iridium. (See the metal codes below.) Length in inches - It is 2" long. Coating Thickness in microns - It has a 3µm coating. Core shaft diameter in millimeters - "B" electrodes with Kapton coating are 0.356mm.(See the core sh
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