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qualified fiber optic cables

Trusted Partner for Reliable Measurements

WPI is dedicated to being your preferred OEM supplier for optical fiber products by offering the following:

  • Quality Products and Expert Service – After over 50 years in business, we’ve learned that it takes more to be your partner than just great quality and fair prices. We have implemented measures such as our ISO-9001:2015 certification throughout our home office and production facility to improve our efficiency and ensure quality. We also have invested in six sigma certifications with continuing effort to improve processes within the organization.
  • Personal Service – A dedicated OEM account manager and a seasoned optical engineering team with over 20 years of technical design experience make all the difference for our customers.
  • Cost Effective Solutions – Quality optical fiber products at the highest value gives you more confidence for less. Our core values are driven by a desire to empower you to fulfill your scientific ideas.

Proprietary qualified optical fibers for UV Instrumentation Products

qualified fiber optic cables

  • Qualified multi-mode patch cords and assemblies of various fiber materials with pre-defined parameters or end user specified parameters
  • High quality multi-mode silica fibers for DUV/UV/VIS/NIR with NA options from 0.22 to 0.37 
  • Industry leading solarization resistance to DUV wavelengths: 185–1200nm, DIN 58145:2017-01 
  • Highly flexible PMMA fiber for VIS wavelength range, large core fiber and high NA 
  • High resistance against laser damage 
  • Easily customizable by fiber material, core size, connector types, jacketing material and configuration
  • Constant core/cladding ratio throughout the entire fiber 
  • Constructed with biocompatible materials 
  • Broad temperature range 
  • Customized ferrules including ferrules for non-circular geometries 
  • All dielectric, non-magnetic design stabilizable by common methods 
  • WPI also manufactures probes (< 5 mm shaft), include filters or lenses in your complex assemblies


  • Sterilizable by common methods (gamma radiation, H2O2, EtOH or autoclavable) 
  • Radiation resistance, dose dependent 
  • High quality silica/silica fiber uniquely engineered to provide superior transmission in the deep UV with excellent consistency over the length.

Fiber Selection Guide

WPI offers standard, bifurcated and cross fiber assemblies of different core diameter and fiber length. Customization is also possible. For Y assemblies and X assemblies, the split point is approximately at 50 cm. The standard jacketing is silicone monocoil.

qualified fiber optic cables 1x1 qualified fiber optic cables 1x2 qualified bifurcated fiber optic cables
1x1 Standard – S Optical fibers with 2 connectors and furcation tubing 1x2 Bifurcated – Y Split or combines similar intensities by mixing different or same fiber type 2x2 Cross – X Cross fiber assembly with mixed fiber types (call for details)

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Liquid Waveguide Capillary Cell with Long pathlengths for small sample volumes

WPI Performance Advantages

waveguide with small peristaltic pump

  • 10–500 cm pathlength 
  • 10–500 fold sensitivity improvement in comparison to 1cm cuvette 
  • 0.55–2 mm ID
  • SMA 905 fiber optic connections 
  • 250 nm – 720 nm wavelength range


  • Adapts to most fiber optic detection systems 
  • 20 years of manufacturing experience 
  • Low UV drift


  • Trace detection of nutrients (nitrite, nitrate, phosphate, iron) in fresh and seawater 
  • Environmental and oceanographic monitoring
  • Drinking water analysis 
  • Colored dissolved organic matter (CDOM) 
  • Process control

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Low Volume Flow Cell For FIA, HPLC and process analysis

WPI Performance Advantages

  • Liquid core waveguide technology–UV/VIS flow cell 
  • Wetted materials of PEEK, fused silica or PTFE
  • Low internal volume, 2.4 – 24 µL 
  • Fits 500 and 600 µm fibers 
  • High UV transmission
  • 0–10 mL/min flow rate


  • High efficiency light coupling
  • Minimum baselinde (refractive index) offset with changing solvents
  • Fits WPI TIDAS systems and other fiber-coupled spectroscopy equipment

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Fluorescence Probe

WPI offers fluorescence probes designed for small sample sizes and small volume. These probes can be used for the detection of the transient response of free ion concentrations, like calcium, potassium, sodium or magnesium. Fluorescence probes can also be designed to detect pH or membrane potential. Auto-fluorescence like the detection of ATPase activity via NADH or FAD is another application.

To select the appropriate fluorescent probe, consider the detection principle and the dye to be used. All probes use fibers with 300 µm core diameter. Excitation fibers have 1000 µm SMA connectors for excitation and double emission probes, and 1500 µm SMA connectors for excitation and single emission probes. The standard probes come with a rectangular head (3 mm × 0.7 mm) or round head (2 mm diameter). The fibers that are used for such probes are highly flexible plastic fibers or fused silica fibers. Custom fibers for your application may be designed with different core fiber diameters.

excitation and emission fibers

(Left) Customized single emission round probe with a 5 mm diameter for one excitation and one emission wavelength.

(Right) Customized rectangular probe.

Optical Oxygen Sensor

Now you can detect oxygen in small sample in living tissues using the phase shift between a reference signal and a measured signal. BioOxy is a new and innovative technology for measuring oxygen in gaseous and aqueous phase. BioOxy is an optical oxygen sensor with important advantages over using common Clark type electrodes. These sensors have a rapid response time with the t90 ≤ 3 seconds (in gas phase). No oxygen is consumed making measurements. These sensors are perfect for bioprocess control and making oxygen measurement in small samples. Gamma sterilizable.

OXYGEN MEASUREMENT Gaseous & Dissolved O2
PROBE SIZE 240 µm with active area ~50 µm Retractable 10 mm
MEASUREMENT RANGE 0 – 100 % O2, 0 – 1000 hPa
RESOLUTION ± 0.09 % O2 or better
ACCURACY @ 20 °C ± 0.4 % O2 @ 20.9 % O2, ± 0.05 % O2 @ 0.2 % O2
RESPONSE TIME < 3 sec. (in gas phase)
Oxygen Probe