Low Volume Flow Cell

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For FIA, HPLC and process analysis

  • UV/VIS flow cell for absorbance
  • Low internal volume
  • Fits 500 and 600 µm fibers [Web part # 505195 Catalog part # WVLUXUVIS-S-0600-100-SMA]
  • High UV transmission
  • 0–10 mL/min flow rate


  LWCC-M-10 LWCC-M-50  LWCC-M-100
Optical Pathlength 10 mm  50 mm  100 mm
Internal Volume 2.4 μL 12 µL  24µL 
Refractive Index@ 280nm (measured using ASTM E 685-93) < 7 mAU <15 mAU  <30 mAU 
Transmission @ 254nm (Reference:2 600μm fiber, butt-connected) 25% 20%  15% 
Transmission @ 500nm (Reference:2 600μm fiber, butt-connected)  40% 35%  30% 
Wavelength Range 200-1000 nm  
Fiber Connection [μm] 600 (SMA)  
Maximum Pressure 1000 PSI
Wetted Materials PEEK, Fused Silica, PTFE  
Image LWCC-M-10 LWCC-M-50 LWCC-M-100


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  • High efficiency coupling
  • Low refractive index offset
  • Fits TIDAS systems and other fiber-coupled spectroscopy equipment 


  • FIA, GFIA, HPLC, Optofluidics
  • Process control
  • DNA, RNA and protein quantification
  • Colorimetric nutrient and trace metal analysis
  • Drug discovery and dissolution testing


MicroLWCC is a new fiber optic low volume flow cell for UV/VIS/NIR absorbance analysis. Based on WPI’s established liquid core waveguide technology, the analyte solution functions as the core of a fluid filled light waveguide. Wetted parts in the sample cell light path are PEEK, fused silica and PTFE. Optical fibers are used to transport light to and from the sample cell. The cell can be used in biochemistry for DNA, RNA & protein quantification, colorimetric nutrient and trace metal analysis, drug discovery and dissolution testing, process control, and HPLC analysis.

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