High Intensity Fiber Optic Illumination Source

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Uninterrupted, directed light for microscopes and other applications

  • Reliable, uninterrupted high-intensity light
  • Use with microscopes
  • Intensity controlled by rotary knob
  • Use with ring light, or single/bifurcated guides, sold separately

Note : Z-LITE-Z and Z-LITE-Z186 are for orders placed outside of the USA.


Order code Description
Z-LITE-186 Z-Lite & Bifurcated Light Guide (115 V, 60 Hz, beige case)
Z-LITE-Z186 Z-Lite & Bifurcated Light Guide (230 V, 50 Hz, black case)
Z-LITE Z-Lite Fiber Optic Illuminator (115 V, 60 Hz, beige case)
Z-LITE-Z Z-Lite Fiber Optic Illuminator (230 V, 50 Hz, black case)



  • Contains full spectrum of visible light


  • General laboratory use
  • Microscopy illumination

The Z-LITE Fiber Optic Il­lu­mi­na­tor provides reli­able, un­in­ter­rupt­ed high-intensity light for micro­scopes. Z-LITE allows a continuous range of subdued or concentrated light­ing controlled by a rotary dim­mer on the front panel. Z-LITE may be used with a ring light and single or bi­fur­cat­ed flex­i­ble fiber bundles, en­abling the light beam to be placed ex­act­ly where it is need­ed. Forced air cool­ing prolongs the lamp life. Lamp color temper­a­ture is 3350°K. An interlock switch automatically cuts off power when front panel is opened to replace bulb.

Options include:

  • Z-LITE – 110V, 60Hz Fiber optic illuminator, beige
  • Z-LITE-Z – 220V, 60Hz Fiber optic illuminator, black
  • Z-LITE-186 – Z-LITE with bifurcated light guides
  • Z-LITE-Z186 – 220V, Z-LITE-Z with bifurcated light guides

Single and bifurcated light guides may be purchased separately, but the Z-LITE-Z (and Z-LIGHT-Z186) system includes a set of bifurcated light guides.

Specification Details
EJA Lamp 150 W Quartz Halogen, 21 V, MR16 dichroic 2" reflector, 1.75" length, 40 hour average rated life, 3350 K color temperature, 2-pin GX5.3 base
Max. Temp Color 3200 K
Output Port 5/8'' Inner Diameter
Size 305 x 250 x 250mm (12 × 10 × 10")
Power 115 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 3 A
Weight 5.9 kg (13 lb.)
Certification ISO 9001 Certified Quality, CE Certified Electronics

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  3. Bifurcated Light Guide
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