Rodent Facemask Kits for Isoflurane Anesthesia

Rodent Facemask Kits for Isoflurane AnesthesiaGas anesthesia with Isoflurane is quickly becoming the standard method of general anesthesia for rats and mice in biomedical research. The advantages of using gas anesthesia for in-vivo examinations include:

  • Fewer complications than injectable agents
  • Allows for longer exam duration
  • Easier administration and control
  • Readily incorporated into existing procedures
  • Level plane of anesthesia
  • Minimal animal handling/Less stress
  • No controlled substances required
  • Quick recovery time
  • Economical and versatile

These are designed to tightly and flexibly fit on various size rodents. The optically clear masks are designed to provide access to the eyes and head of the rodent. These masks provide stability of the animal for examinations and surgery. And, they may be trimmed for custom applications.

  • Anatomically correct fit to mouse and rat
  • Zero leakage
  • Zero dead space
  • Reinforced ports for longer product life
  • Mask can be used in the range of 400–1000 cc/min.
  • Ports swivel 360°

The masks come in four sizes to accommodate animals from a 2-week old mouse to a 500g adult rat.

What's Included

OC-SFM-KIT Small Mask Kit
(one mask, tubing, adapters)
Small Mouse 0.5 – 2 months
8mm Aperture x 25mm overall length 
OC-MFM-KIT Medium Mask Kit
(one mask, tubing, adapters)
Mouse 2+ months and Small Rat
10mm Aperture x 30mm overall length
OC-LFM-KIT Large Mask Kit
(one mask, tubing, adapters)
Adult Rat up to 250g
13mm Aperture x 35mm overall length
OC-XLFM-KIT Extra Large Mask Kit
(one mask, tubing, adapters)
Adult Rat from 250 – 500g
18mm Aperture x 42mm overall length
OC-MOUSE-KIT Mouse Facemask Kit
(S and M masks, tubing, adapters)
OC-RAT-KIT Rat Facemask Kit
(L and XL masks, tubing, adapters)
OC-ALLFM-KIT Mouse Facemask Kit
(All four face masks, tubing, adapters)
Replacement waste and supply swivel ports
(1 pair)
OC-TUBING Waste and Supply Lines (2)  flexible medical grade PVC tubing
1/4" outer and 1/8" inner diameter x 6' length
OC-ADAPTER Replacement Adapters (2) 1/4" Tubing Adapters
(2) 3/8" Tubing Adapters

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