Application Kits for Use with the NanoFil for Microinjection

NanoFil for MicroinjectionApplication kits are specially designed for eye research for injecting retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) and for intraocular (IO) injections. In addition, these kits may be used for brain injection in mice. They need to be used with a NanoFil syringe and UMPIII to achieve accurate, repetitive and oil-free injection in the submicroliter range.

Each kit includes two pieces of Silflex tubing (one for a spare), a holder assembly, spare gaskets, and an assortment of four tips - blunt for the RPE kit and beveled tips for the IO kit. Each kit comes with one each of 33, 34, 35 and 36 gauge tips so that first time users can find the best size for their application.

The Silflex tubing is the most critical component of the kit. This 35cm long, flexible tubing has a very precise outer diameter for airtight fitting with the syringe. It also has a small inner diameter for minimum dead volume, and is very durable when handled correctly. The SilFlex is coupled to the injection tip with a mechanism similar to that of the NanoFil. The dead volume of the entire kit (including the tubing) is less than 3 microliters. All of the components in the kit are constructed of inert, solvent resistant, and autoclaveable materials for easy cleaning after viral injection.

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