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Microinjectors For All Your Microinjection Applications

Designed to simplify intracellular injection and a variety of other microinjection tasks, the WPI introduces three new Microinjectors:

Regulated compensation and injection pressure Yes Yes Yes
Pressure output: 0.3–87 PSI Yes Yes Yes
Low volume tubing assembly Yes Yes Yes
Inject using foot switch (included) Yes Yes Yes 
Inject using a TTL pulse from external computer
or pulse generator (Cable to connect to pulse
generator included)
  Yes Yes
Inject manually using touch screen interface     Yes
Integrated pressure source Yes Yes  
2-Stage foot switch to activate voltage for injection
  • Pinpoint Cell Penetrator for targeted microinjection and increased viability of injected embryos
  • Audio continuity tone indicating active probe
  • Injection counter to indicate total number of injections
  • User-adjustable frequency and voltage through touch screen

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Order code Integrated Pressure Source Integrated MICRO-ePORE
uPUMP Yes No
PV850 No No


  • Convenient internal pressure source (MICRO-ePUMP and uPUMP only)
  • Intuitive user-interface
  • Small footprint takes up very little bench space
  • Easy to navigate with touch screen and control knob
  • High precision for reproducible injections – microliters to picoliter


  • Microinjection of diverse compounds and biomolecules – DNA, RNA, proteins
  • Pre- and post-implantation in embryos of various species – mice, rats, monkeys, bovine, pigs, zebrafish, etc.



Microinjector with Integrated Cell Penetrator and Internal Pressure Source



Microinjector with Internal Pressure Source



Microinjector with External Pressure Source (pressure source not included)


WPI Microinjectors use carefully regulated air pres­sure for injecting cells with fluid. Injected volumes range from picoliters to nanoliters. The port supplies positive pressure for high-pressure ejection. The pressure port maintains a low positive “compensation” pressure to the injecting pipette between injection pulses to prevent fluid up­take through capillary action.

Timing, injection pressure and compensation pressure are adjusted inde­pen­dent­ly using the touch screen interface. Time intervals can range from 2 seconds down to 10 ms or less, depending on the injection pressure setting. The injection pressure interval is triggered by using a foot switch or a computer-controlled TTL pulse (MICRO-ePUMP uses only a foot switch). 

The WPI Microinjectors are designed to inject very small quantities of fluids, such as drugs, into cells or small organelles. Pressure injection is an especially useful alternative to electroionophoresis, since it does not mandate the use of charged ions. Two different positive pressures may be applied–one for ejection at high pressure and a second, lower pressure to prevent back filling of the pipette by capillary action. 

The WPI Microinjectors offers separate regulated compensation (back filling prevention) and ejection pres-sures with a precision timing circuit that switches from injection pressure to compensation pressure automati-cal­ly.

WPI’s MICRO-ePORETM Pinpoint Cell Penetrator technology is embedded inside the MICRO-ePUMP. When the researcher enables the The MICRO-ePORETM, it delivers a highly localized voltage signal to a targeted injection site to facilitate penetration with minimal trauma. The researcher determines the amplitude and frequency of the signal that best suits the application. The signal originates in the control box, and it is transmitted through the electrode interface cable to the microelectrode holder. A silver wire is used to transmit the signal into the electrically conductive substance being injected. A reference electrode is used to place the media at 0.0 V potential with reference to the generated voltage.
The MICRO-ePUMP offers separate regulated compensation (back filling prevention) and injection pressures with a precision timing circuit that switches from injection pressure to compensation pressure au­to­mat­i­cal­ly.

System components

What is included with the system Qty MICRO-ePUMP uPUMP PV850
Injector 1 Yes Yes Yes
2-Step Foot Switch 1 Yes Yes Yes
99164 MICRO-ePORETM Injection Assembly 1 Yes    
AC/DC 24 V Power Adapter 1 Yes Yes Yes
Capillary kit includes   300744 300753 300753
75122-110 1.0 mm Pipette Gaskets (green) 4 Yes Yes Yes
75122-210 1.2 mm Pipette Gaskets (black) Yes Yes Yes
75122-310 1.5 mm Pipette Gaskets (red) Yes Yes Yes
75122-410 1.65 mm Pipette Gaskets (white) Yes Yes Yes
802828 O-ring Bunna N-002 Yes Yes Yes
75123 Pipette Handle Assembly 1 Yes Yes Yes
75125 Pipette Holder 1 Yes Yes Yes
99862 Tubing Assembly 1 Yes Yes Yes
99865 Adapter Tube Assembly 1 Yes Yes Yes
CBL102 6’ Cable, 3.5 mm Mini Phone Plug to BNC 1 No Yes Yes
803130 Stereo Splitter Cable, 3.5 mm 1 No Yes Yes
Input kit for Picopumps includes 1     3116
0.25” NPT Fitting for Nitrogen Tank Regulator 1     Yes
10’ Hard Tubing 1     Yes
Vacuum Fitting 1     Yes

WPI's New MICRO-ePUMP Microinjector with Integrated Pressure Source


WPI's New PV850 Microinjector: Setting Up the Hardware


WPI's New PV850 Microinjector: Using the Software

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