WPI Laboratory Equipment

Microforge with Digital Controller

Item#: DMF1000 Make Selection

DMF1000-1, DMF1000-2, DMF1000-M1, DMF1000-M2

Microforging, micropipette calibration and microinjection — in a single device!

  • Microprocessor-controlled microforge
  • Digital signal processor technology precisely controls the polish heating time
  • Unique digital pneumatic pressure feature polishes the tip without changing the size
  • W30S-LED Microscope (Optional)
  • Choose options: 110 V or 220 V; with or without a W30S microscope
Unit Price: varies



Analog Microforge

Item#: MF200 Make Selection

MF200-1, MF200-2, MF200-M1, MF200-M2

Sometimes the simplest designs work best

  • Simple, reliable and economically priced
  • Analog temperature controller
  • W30S-LED microscope (optional)
  • Choose options: MF200-1 (110V, Microscope), MF200-2 (220V, Microscope), MF200-M1 (110V, No Microscope) or MF200-M2 (220V, No Microscope)
Unit Price: varies