WPI Laboratory Equipment

Cell Tester 200

Item #: SI-CTS200

Perform muscle physiology tests on single, isolated, living cells

  • Fits ANY inverted microscope
  • Unique rotational stage–improves the experimental throughput
  • Two integral piezo manipulators included
  • Data Recording and Analysis included
Unit Price: 43593.00


Horizontal Tissue Bath, 2-channel

Item #: SI-HTB2

Research system for higher throughput of complex pharmacological/physiological assays

  • Two channel system for increased productivity, easily expanded to add channels
  • Fully independent heating and fluid control for each channel
  • Low profile/small footprint
  • Variable volume, chemically inert Teflon bath with shape configurations from variable to fixed 500 µL–10 mL*
  • Modular, space-saving, blade-style electronics
  • Large variety of force transducers covering mN–N forces, all with lifetime warranty
  • Can be combined with automated fluid control systems
  • Add an electrometer like the WPI Duo773 or Electro705
Unit Price: 23449.00