WPI Laboratory Equipment

Benchtop Vibration Isolation Platform

Item#: MK-BM Make Selection

MK-BM-825, MK-BM-8100, MK-BM-8125, MK-BM-8150, MK-BM-8175, MK-BM-8200, MK-BM-8225, MK-BM-8250, MK-BM-850

  • Better performance than an air table
  • Only 4.6" tall
  • Simple setup and adjustment
  • Portable
  • Available in a variety of payload ranges
  • See Details for part numbers and descriptions


Price: varies


Payload Range :

Ball Joint, 4 cm long

Item#: 500476
  • 4 cm long
  • For 4 mm diameter holder
Price: 181.00


Tilting Base with Screw Adjustment

Item#: TBS
  • Tilt angle up to 35 degrees
  • 3.5-lb steel base provides stability
  • Adjust tilt angle by turning knob
Price: 876.00


Steel Base Plate, 32 lbs

Item#: 5479
  • 12 x 24 x 3/8 inches
  • 32 lbs
Price: 268.00


Manipulator Mounting Clamp, 10 mm

Item#: M5
  • Diameter: 10 mm clamp
  • Interchangeable clamp allows manipulator to be mounted on a variety of supports
Price: 72.00


Replacement Electrode Holder for SYS-MPM10

Item#: PM6
  • For use with SYS-MPM10 Piezo Translator
  • Wire for the glass=0.3mm
  • Electrical pin/socket=0.4mm (shown joined)
Price: 58.00


Clamp for MM3 and MM3-3

Item#: MM3-C
  • Mount electrodes on miniature manipulators
Price: 66.00


Base Weight

Item#: 5464
  • 5-lb weight for Tilting Base
  • 1"x2.3"x5.1" (25.4 x 60 x 130mm)
  • M6 screw hole
Price: 109.00


Axis Adjustment Tool

Price: 20.00


Joystick Controller for DC3001

Item#: STM3
  • Controls X, Y, and Z axes
  • Standalone powered joystick controller for the DC3001 motorized micropositioners

Price: 1375.00