WPI Laboratory Equipment

Lab-Trax 4/24 T Cable

Item #: 300344
  • 8 pin DIN to BNC adapter
Unit Price: 94.00


8-Channel Data Acquisition System with MDAC Software


Low noise, high resolution system with 8 AI and 4 AO channels

  • Powerful low-noise (<1 mV RMS) and high-resolution (16 bits) data acquisition system for sampling up-to 8 Analog In-Channels and 4 Analog Out-Channels simultaneously, using standard BNC connections
  • Advanced trigger control of almost any external device by adding 16 digital I/O channels, using standard BNC or DB-9 connections
  • MDAC software provides easy to use interface controlling, with extensible standard and customized Data Processing and Analysis Tools

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LabTrax 4-Channel Data Acquisition

Item #: LAB-TRAX-4
  • 16-bit resolution
  • Includes LabScribe software
Unit Price: 1998.00