WPI Laboratory Equipment


Item #: SI-BF-100
  • Two photomultiplier inputs
  • Light excitation with high-power LEDs
  • Low bleaching mode (5% LED on time)
  • Automatic LED light drift correction for long term measurements
  • Automatic room light correction
  • Up to four modes of fluorescence detection of indicator dyes and natural fluorophores
    • Single excitation / single emission
    • Dual excitation / single emission
    • Single excitation / dual emission
    • Dual excitation / dual emission
  • Optical connections: Liquid Light Guides (LLGs) or SMA terminated fibers
  • Sampling rates up to 1 kHz (1000 ratios / sec)
  • Versatile instrument for horizontal tissue bath, Langendorff and microscope applications
  • Can be combined with imaging based Sarcomere Detection System (OptiSarc)
  • Customized analysis techniques in WPI's MDAC data acquisition software

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