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Digital Peri-Star™ Pro peristaltic pump is affordably priced!Peri-Star

  • Display either rotation speed (RPM) or flow rate (mL/min)
  • Wide flow range: 0.1 - 280 mL/min
  • Accuracy of flow rate: 0.5% using self calibration function
  • Accuracy of speed: 0.1 rpm
  • Large backlit digital LCD display
  • Programmable for all tubing sizes between 0.8 mm and 6.4 mm ID
  • Easy and fast tubing replacement using snap-on cartridges
  • Membrane keypad allows easy programming while protecting controls from fluid entry
  • Actively driven rollers by planetary gears for long lasting tubing life


Order code Description # Channels Rate Head
PERIPRO-8LS Peri-Star Pro Peristaltic Pump, small tubing 8 Low PERIPRO-8LS
PERIPRO-4LS Peri-Star Pro Peristaltic Pump, small tubing 4 Low PERIPRO-4LS
PERIPRO-4HS Peri-Star Pro Peristaltic Pump, large tubing 4 High PERIPRO-4HS
PERIPRO-2HS Peri-Star Pro Peristaltic Pump, large tubing 2 High PERIPRO-2HS


  • Backlit display with water resistant cover
  • Easy setup and calibration with simple instructions on screen
  • Both high and low flow pumps employ planetary gears for minimal pulsations and greater accuracy


  • Chemical transfer
  • Pharmaceutical processing

Accurate and precise pumping

Peri-Star Pro peristaltic pumps provide accurate and precise pumping with convenience and versatility. Peri-Star Pro can be run in either flow rate mode (mL/min) or rotation speed mode (rpm). For good laboratory practice, pumps must be calibrated after changing the tubing and solution. You can easily calibrate Peri-Star Pro to deliver flow as accurate as 0.5% in a wide flow range from 0.1 - 280 mL/min. Under rotation speed mode, the digitally controlled stepping motor provides accurate and reproducible operation with 0.1% rpm both forward and in reverse.

Backlit display with water resistant cover

Large backlit digital LCD display provides readouts of rotation direction, flow rate or rotation speed, tubing ID, drive status and remote control mode simultaneously. Water resistant membrane keypad allows easy programming while protecting LCD display and controls from fluid entry.

Easy setup and calibrate the pump

Built-in Human Machine Interface (HMI) with screen instructions in plain English steps you through initial setup, calibration and operating procedures. The user-friendly interface reduces the need to frequently check the printed manual for instruction and reference.

Unique planetary gears for accuracy

Peri-Star Pro is available in two versions: a 4-roller version for high flow and an 8-roller version for lower volumes while providing high pressure with minimal pulsations.

A unique planetary gear design with eight actively driven rollers (four rollers for higher flow rate model), together with independent tubing compression fine adjustment, enables the high flow accuracy and prolongs tubing life. Snap-on cartridges allow tubing to be changed quickly without cross contamination of solutions.

Low Rate
High Rate
Number of rollers 8 4
Number of channels 4-8 2-4
Rotor Rotation Clockwise, counter-clockwise
Rotor Speed Range 1-100 RPM
Rotor Speed Resolution 1.0 RPM (Normal) 0.1 RPM (Remote Only)
Flow Range (All tubing sizes) 0.1-80 mL/min 0.8-280 mL/min
Tubing ID Range 0.5-2.4 mm ID 3.1-6.4 mm ID
Supplied Tubing #14 Tubing: 0.2–18 mL/min #17 Tubing: 3.5–280 mL/min
Flow Rate Accuracy 0.5% 
Self-Calibration Yes 
Working Environment 0-45°C, Humidity < 80% 
Power 110 - 220 VAC, 50 - 60 Hz 
Fuse 1A 250V 
Dimensions 190 x 162 x 275 mm 
Shipping weight 11 lb. (5 kg)


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