PeriStar Pro Intro

Let’s look at a Peri-Star Pro peristaltic pump, which is available in four models for high and low flow rate, and 2, 4 and 8 channels. Here’s a quick introduction to the pump.



Control Keypad

Setup and operation are controlled with a Control Knob and three membrane keys. Pressing a membrane key once activates the key function.

  • The Run/Stop button switches the pump on or off. If the pump is running, pressing this key immediately stops pump. If the pump is off, pressing the key turns it on.
  • The Rotation Direction button sets the rotor direction clockwise or counterclockwise. The direction is shown on LCD display.
  • The Full Speed button runs the pump at maximum flow rate. This is convenient to use when evacuating or cleaning the system.


Control Knob

The Control Knob provides two functions by rotating or pressing. Rotate the knob clockwise to increase the pump’s flow rate or counterclockwise to decrease the pump’s flow rate. Slow rotation makes a small change in the flow rate. Fast rotation makes a larger change. Press the knob once to select the setup function shown in the LCD.


LCD Display

When the pump is turned on, the LCD shows the main menu immediately. During setup, the LCD displays the information for the functions being selected.

Peri-Star Pro Peristaltic Pump


Pump Head

The Peri-Star Pro comes with one of four different pump heads.

  • PERIPRO-2HS Peri-Star™ Pro, 2-channel, High Rate, Large Tubing            
  • PERIPRO-4HS Peri-Star™ Pro, 4-channel, High Rate, Large Tubing
  • PERIPRO-4LS Peri-Star™ Pro, 4-channel, Low Rate, Small Tubing
  • PERIPRO-8LS Peri-Star™ Pro, 8-channel, Low Rate, Small Tubing

Each pump head has a paired fixture for tubing installation.


Back Panel

The power switch and power plug are on the back panel. The fuse is located at the side of power plug. The DB15 socket is for factory use only.

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