Neuroscience Guide Cannula (22, 24 or 26 gauge)

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For in vivo investigation of rodents

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  • Custom lengths from 1.0-9.9mm (0.1mm increments)
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    *NOTE: Use 26g Dummy Cap for 24g cannulas

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Flexible PE tubing is recommended to connect to Internal Cannula (INC) only, NOT Guide Cannula (GC) or Dummy Cap (DUMC).
504278 matches INC26-XX
504279 matches INC24-XX
504280 matches INC22-XX


  • Beveled inside and out and polished to remove burrs and ensure that the inside diameter is perfectly cylindrical. This limits trauma to tissue and ensures smooth operation.
  • Exceptional quality at the best prices.


  • Drug administration
  • Optogenetics

These cannulas for neuroscience study and pre-clinical research includes an entire range of cannula options, including the Guide Cannula, the Internal Cannula and the Dummy Cannula (cap).

cannula inserted into the guide

Cannula assembly: fixing screw, internal cannula with attached tubing, and guide cannula.

cannula with cap


Internal cannula secured with fixing screw.

Guide Cannulas

  Gauge OD ID
  22 0.64 0.46 
24 0.56 0.40 
26 0.48 0.32 

The Guide Cannula is a surgical grade, stainless steel tube that is implanted into a rodent's skull and cemented into place using dental cement and screws. It guides the Internal Cannula to the specific injection site.

Internal Cannula

  Gauge OD ID
 internalcannula1_fmt.jpeg 22 0.41 0.26 
24 0.36 0.21 
26 0.30 0.16 

Insert the Internal Cannula into the Guide Cannula to sample or inject fluid.


Dummy Cannula


The Dummy Cannula has a stainless steel wire core, and it is placed in the Guide Cannula when the Internal Cannula is removed. It seals the opening and prevents tissue from entering the bottom of the Guide Cannula. The Dummy Cannula is threaded to securely tighten it so that the animal will not unscrew it while grooming. Note that the DUM26 cap is used for the 24g cannulas also.


Order the Guide Cannulas based on the gauge and length from the base and the Internal or Dummy Cannulas based on the length of the Guide Cannula and the projection from the Guide Cannula tip.

Understanding Part Numbers


Cannula Type

  • GC–Guide Cannula
  • INC–Internal Cannula
  • DUMC–Dummy Cannula

Gauge–Choose the gauge of the Guide Cannula to be used, even if you are ordering an Internal or Dummy Cannula. Choices include 22, 24 and 26 gauge.

Length–Guide Cannulas can be ordered in lengths from 1.0–9.9 mm. Length can be specified to 0.1 mm, with a tolerance of ±0.07mm. For example, a GC24-60 is a 24ga. cannula that is 6.0 mm long.

For other cannulas, the length is determined by the desired projection length and the guide cannula length. The projection can extend beyond the tip of the Guide Cannula up to 1.0 mm.

   DUMC Length = GC Length + Projection
   INC Length= GC Length + Projection

For example, for a Dummy Cannula flush with the end of a 26ga Guide Cannula that is 6.0 mm long, order a DUMC26-60. For an internal cannula that projects 0.5 mm beyond the 6.0 mm Guide Cannula (6.5 mm), order an INC26-65.

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