Zebrafish Microinjection and Transplantation Molds

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A simpler method for handling zebrafish embryos

  • For high throughput microinjection research
  • Make impressions in agarose gel to facilitate embryo alignment
  • Four molds per kit
  • Reusable

See the current Data Sheet.


  • Organizes and immobilizes embryos for microinjection


  • Zebrafish research

Mold your agarose, pipette in your embryos and watch them auto-align in the grooves. Z-MOLDS Microinjection and Transplantation Molds (4 per kit) are specifically designed for zebrafish research.

The molds are turned up-side down and placed in liquid agarose gel and are easily removed once it has solidified. The embryos may be pipetted into the grooves made by the mold in the agarose. The width and design of the molds enable the embryos to self-align.

Proteomics and Large Screening

This mold is designed for injecting many embryos-up to 1000. The grooves made by the mold in the agarose gel enable the embryos to self align.

Xenograft and Larval Injection

This mold is designed for larval injections. The sloped ridges make perfect angles in the agarose gel, which then makes it easier to do microinjections in the larvae.

Standard Microinjection

This mold is designed for increasing the speed of doing microinjections. Simply turn the petri dish as you are injecting.


This mold is designed for blastomere transplantation.

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