Vibration Free Platform

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  • Vertical and horizontal vibration isolation, better than an air table
  • High performace active-air suspension
  • Automatic leveling
  • Ferromagnetic stainless steel, 1/4-20 x 1 in centers 

For information on ordering and specific part numbers, see Vibration Free Workstation/Platforms Defined.

Not-so-good vibrations

All buildings vibrate - activities of people, machinery, heating and ventilation systems, and nearby truck or rail traffic cause all types of vibrations. These vibrations cannot be tolerated by equipment used in patch clamping, cell injection, analytical balances, and optical microscopes. The short-term effects of such vibrations include inconsistent and unreliable performance. The long-term effects are excessive wear, maintenance, and fatigue failures. In order to protect sensitive instruments and equipment from faulty operation or failure, this vibration must be significantly reduced. This can be efficiently accomplished by using the Vibration-Free Platform and Vibration-Free Workstation. Not just anti-vibration platforms, the units are virtually without vibration, much better than existing air tables.

Additional sizes

If you need a different size workstation, please call us. Let us know:

  1. Size of table.
  2. Does the top have holes or not?
  3. If holes are required, which size metric (M6) or English (1/4-20)?
  4. Type of metal on top: Ferromagnetic or Stainless Steel.
  5. If a Faraday cage is being used, what are the dimensions?
  6. Is a spillproof top required or not?
  7. Do you need accessories (casters, arm rails, side rails - all sold separately?

All vibration-free platforms are custom made to suit your need. For information on options and ordering a vibration-free platform, see Vibration Free Plaform/Workstations Defined.

MINIMUM LOAD @ 20 psi: Vertical Natural Frequency 2.3 Hz
MINIMUM LOAD @ 20 psi: Isolation Efficiency @ 5 Hz 0.52
MINIMUM LOAD @ 20 psi: Isolation Efficiency @ 10 Hz 0.83
MINIMUM LOAD @ 20 psi: Horizontal Natural Frequency 2.9 Hz
MINIMUM LOAD @ 20 psi: Isolation Efficiency @ 5 Hz 0.4
MINIMUM LOAD @ 20 psi: Isolation Effieciency @ 10 Hz 0.92
MAXIMUM LOAD @ 80 psi: Vertical Natural Frequency 2.1 Hz
MAXIMUM LOAD @ 80 psi: Isolation Frequency @ 5 Hz 0.7
MAXIMUM LOAD @ 80 psi: Isolation Frequency @ 10 Hz 0.91
MAXIMUM LOAD @ 80 psi: Horizontal Natural Frequency 1.8 Hz
MAXIMUM LOAD @ 80 psi: Isolation Efficiency 0.81
MAXIMUM LOAD @ 80 psi: Isolation Efficiency 0.95
Note: Typical performance efficiencies are for microdistubances
NET LOAD CAPACITY at 80 psi 216 lb (98 kg)
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