Vibration Free Workstation/Platforms Defined

The vibration-free platformWPI offers both vibration free workstations and platforms, and each is custom-built to meet your specifications. This article describes the options available and how to request a price quote for the unit you need.

The vibration-free platform looks like the one shown (left). The workstation tables are similar. These vibration-free units offer vertical and horizontal vibration isolation, high performace active-air suspension and automatic leveling. The diagrams below show dimensions of the workstations.

Understanding Part NumbersOptions AvailableWorkstation SpecificationsPlatform SpecificationsPerformance Data


Understanding WPI Part Numbers

The part numbers define the load, dimensions and compostion of the platform or table as shown in the graphic below. Use the codes listed under "Options Available" to complete the part number for the unit you require. For example, if you want a workstation that will support up to 800 pounds, is 24" x 36" and is made of 2" composite with stainless laminate, you would order a VFW9001-11-22.

Dimensions and compostion of the platform

Options Available 

Workstation Options
Gross Load Capacity (#) - This digit describes the maximum weight the table will support.
Depth (X) - The length of the tabletop from front to back.
Width (Y) - The width of the tabletop from side to side.
Compostion (ZZ) - Description of the tabletop surface.

Platform Options
Configuration(#) - This digit describes whether the platform has active air or passive air. *Enhanced is active air with enhanced horizontal isolation
Dimensions (Y) - This determines the size of the platform top
Compostion (ZZ) - Description of the platform surface.

 Specification Part Number Code
Load Capacity (#)  Up to 800 lbs. 1
  Up to 1300 lbs. 2
Depth (X) 24" 1
  30" 0
  36" 2
Width (Y) 36" 1
  48" 2
  60" 3
  72" 4
Compostion (ZZ) No table top 00
  2" Composite w/white plastic laminate 21
  2” Composite w/stainless laminate 22
  2” Composite w/black laminate 23
  2” Composite w/anti-static laminate 24
  4” VT Gray Granite
  2” Honeycomb no holes 40
  2” SPILLPRUF Honeycomb ¼-20x1” centers 45
  2” SPILLPRUF Honeycomb M6 X 25mm centers 46
  4” Honeycomb no holes 80
  4” SPILLPRUF Honeycomb ¼-20x1” centers 85
  4” SPILLPRUF Honeycomb M6 X 25mm centers 86 


Specification Part Number Code
Configuration(#) Passive Air 0
  Active Air 2
  Active Air (Enhanced)* 4
Dimensions (Y) 20x24" 1
  24x30" (2212 only) 2
  24x36" (2212 only) 3
  16x19" (2210 or 2212) 4
Compostion (ZZ) White plastic laminate 11
  Ferromagnetic stainless steel 12
  Black plastic laminate 13
  White antistatic laminate 14
  Ferromagnetic stainless steel with 1/4-20x1" centers SPILLPRUF 22
  Ferromagnetic stainless steel with 1/4-20x0.5" centers SPILLPRUF MaxxAlign 25
  Ferromagnetic stainless steel with M6 holes x25mm centers SPILLPRUF 32
  Ferromagnetic stainless steel with M6 holes x12.5mm centers SPILLPRUF MaxxAlign 35
Optional Accessories
Hand Pump HP
  Portable Air Compressor PAC 

Workstation Specifications

Workstation SpecificationsWorkstation Specifications

 Workstation Specifications

 Platfom Specifications

Platfom Specifications
VFP2210-01, VFP2210-04, VFP2212-01, VPF2212-04
Platfom Specifications
VFP2212-02, VFP2212-03
Platfom Specifications
Platfom Specifications
VFP2210/VFP2212 Performance
Platfom Specifications
VFP2214 Performance

Performance Data

Minimum Load at 20 psi Workstation Platform
Vertical Natural Frequency 1.9 Hz 2.3Hz
  Isolation Efficiency at 5Hz 70%  52%
  Isolation Efficiency at 10Hz 90%  83%
 Horizontal Natural Frequency 2.2Hz  2.9Hz
  Isolation Efficiency at 5Hz 64%  40%
  Isolation Efficiency at 10Hz 90%  92%
 Maximum Load at 80 psi
 Vertical Natural Frequency 1.5 Hz 2.1Hz
  Isolation Efficiency at 5Hz 85% 70%
  Isolation Efficiency at 10Hz 97% 91%
Horizontal Natural Frequency 1.2 Hz 1.8Hz
  Isolation Efficiency at 5Hz 91% 81%
  Isolation Efficiency at 10Hz 97% 95%
Gross Load Capacity at 80 psi
    VFW9101: 800 lbs. (363kg) VFP2212-02/03: 450lbs. (204kg)
    VFW9102: 1300 lbs. (590Kg) Other Platforms: 200lbs. (91kg)
  Standard Linear White Polyurethane
  Class 10  White Epoxy, Powder Coat


NOTE: When requesting a quote for a vibration-free workstation and/or platform, please provide dimensions of the components and confirm the approximate weight of your test set-up.


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