Rodent Guillotine

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One of the most humane methods of animal sacrifice


  • 360º Rotation of the DCAPGuillotine designed for small animal research
  • Three sizes for mice, rats and other small animals
  • Large, stable base
  • Hardened blades ensure you get many years of service and the blades remain sharp
  • Ambidextrous configuration allows comfortable use for right and left handed people


  • Magnetic force draws the blades together, ensuring a clean and precise cut through very strong bones and skin for a quick and humane animal termination
  • Spring action prevents blades from accidentally falling, safeguarding users
  • Fluoropolymer coated base makes cleanup easier


These guillotines are designed for small animal researchers, and they come in three sizes. The guillotine is considered one of the most humane methods of dispatching laboratory animals. With a single downward motion of the handle, you can euthanize a rodent quickly and without trauma.

DCAP in actionThe blades are comprised of hardened steel so they hold an edge and remain sharp, offering years of service. Sharp blades make the process swift for both the researcher and the subject. With proper care, the stainless steel blades resists corrosion, too.

A heavy duty spring at the top of each guillotine securely holds the blade in an open position. This prevents the blade from accidentally falling and injuring laboratory personnel. It also makes it quicker to dispatch the subject, requiring only a single downward action. 

This guillotine was designed specifically for lab work. The large base affords greater stability. The long handle provides extra leverage. The spring action prevents the blades from falling unexpectedly. The hardened stainless blades ensures longevity of the unit. The simplified construction means easy maintenance. And the fluoropolymer-coated surface on the base makes cleaning easy. The DCAP guillotine is easy to use safely in your laboratory.


Order code Description
DCAP For Rodents / Other Small Animals, 1.5 x 1.5 in. Opening
DCAP-M For Large Rodents / Other Medium Animals, 2.5 x 2.5 in. Opening
DCAP-L For Larger Animals, 4.0 x 4.0 in. Opening


  • Blades are drawn together by magnetic force to ensure a clean and precise cut through very strong bones and skin
  • Spring action prevents blades from accidentally falling
  • Fluoropolymer coated base for easy cleanup


  • Humane sacrifice of small animals

DCAP Dimensions

DCAP dimension

 Measurement DCAP DCAP-M DCAP-L
A 12" 16" 191/2"
B 8" 12" 151/2"
C 3/4" 3/4" 3/4"
D 91/4" 121/2" 153/4"
E 61/2" 81/2" 113/4"
F 37/8" 61/2" 85/8"
G 12" 171/2" 201/2"

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DCAP - Humane Dispatch of Laboratory Rodents


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