Syringe Pumps

 Pumps for research laboratories

Aladdin Pumps

Programmable syringe pumps

Legato Pumps

SPLG pumps with a large touch screen color display lets you see all of the pump’s operating parameters to ensure proper operation during the experiments.

SP Syringe Pumps

Micro-processor controlled for applications requiring high metering precision at low, pulse-free rates. All the SP series pumps are accurate to <1% error with a reproducibility rate of ±0.1%. See the SP Syringe Pump Comparison Chart.

Syringe Pump Comparison Chart

Part No.Fluid RangeNumber of ChannelsSpecial features
AL-1000 0.000073-1699mL/hr 1 Programmable Push/pull
AL-1000HP  1.459 - 6120mL/hr  1 Push/pull, High Pressure, Programmable
AL-2000 0.000073-1699mL/hr 2 Push/pull (2 networked pumps)
AL-4000  1.459mL/hr–127.2mL/min  2 Programmable Double Push/Pull
AL-6000  0.452μL/hr - 1451mL/hr 6 Multi Programmable Push/Pull
AL-8000  0.568µL/hr - 380mL/hr  2,4,6,8  Programmable Multi Push/Pull 
SP100i 0.0001-519mL/hr 1 Basic 1 Channel
SP101i 0.001µL/hr – 35mL/min 2 Micro Dialysis application
SP200i 0.001µL/hr - 145mL/min 2 RS232 TTL/Footswitch
SP220i 0.001µL/hr - 21mL/min 10 RS232 Infuse Only
SP250i 0.001µL/hr - 21mL/min 4 RS232 Infuse Only
SP210iw 0.001µL/hr - 145mL/min 2 RS232 Infuse/Withdraw
SP230iw 0.001µL/hr - 21mL/min 10 RS232 Infuse/Withdraw
SP120p 0.1 µL/hr – 127mL/hr 1+1 push pull, single cycle
SP260p 0.001µL/hr - 86mL/min 2+2 RS232 push pull, single cycle
SP210c 0.001µL/hr - 86mL/min 2+2 RS232 push pull, continuous
SPLG100 1.26pL/min - 88.32mL/min Infuse Only 
SPLG101 1.26pL/min - 25.99mL/min Dual Infuse Only 
SPLG110 1.26pL/min - 88.28mL/min 1 Infuse/Withdraw
SPLG200 0.5pL/min - 220.97mL/min 2 Infuse only
SPLG210 0.5pL/min - 220.97mL/min 2 Infuse/withdraw 
SPLG212 0.5pL/min - 220.97mL/min 2 Programmable Infuse/withdraw
SPLG270 0.5pL/min - 220.97mL/min 2+2 Push/Pull infuse withdraw
SPLG272 0.5pL/min - 220.97mL/min  2+2  Push/Pull programmable