New Surgical Instruments

We are continuously adding to our line of surgery instruments, beauty instruments, manufacturing instruments  and lab equipment. Check back here regularly to see all our new instruments.

  1. Black Coating
    Coating surgical instruments with a black ceramic adds a thin layer to the metal instrument, making the instrument harder and giving you greater precision. This anti-glare surface minimizes reflections off the surface of your instruments.
  2. Infection Control Products
    WPI offers a broad category of infection control products to help you maintain a safe and compliant work area. Infection control products are designed to reduce the risk of disease contanimation from one person to another. In our personal protective equipment line we offer a robust reusable face masks with disposable filters. WPI also carries many sterilization cassettes, sterilization baskets and steriliazation trays which are perfect for sorting, sterilzing and storing surgical instruments and other small components. As far as sterilizing surgical instruments and other PPE, you can see everything from autoclaves and ultrasonic cleaners to ultraviolet (UV) sterilizers. When the threats of contaminents are a concern, take a look at the infection control products offered here.
  3. Left Handed Instruments
    Left hand scissors and needle holders allow left-handed people: To be as precise as right-handed users, especially in delicate applications when results are critical. To use natural actions without a second thought. To use instruments with smooth, even action. To have the maximum control of their instruments. Up to 10% of the world's population is left-handed, yet most instruments are built for right-handed people. Instruments like scissors, needle holders and other instruments with a ratchet action require a lateral movement for use. For right-handers the action is natural. In the case of needle holders with a ratchet closure, the right-hander uses the right thumb to push the upper blade out and away, disengaging it. The same instrument held in a left hand requires the user to pull the top blade in an unnatural action in order to disengage it. The awkward nature of the movement can make it less fluid.When using a pair of right hand scissors, the action is also natural and subconscious for right-handed people. With a pair of right hand scissors, the right blade is on the top, regardless of which hand you hold the instrument in. For a right hander, this offers great visibility of the cutting material. The action of a right-handed person squeezing the blades together using the index finger and the thumb causes the blades to come closer together and sheers the material being cut. This is not true for a left-handed person holding right hand scissors. First, the left-hander must look awkwardly over the scissors to view the cutting edge. Then, he or she must compensate for the unnatural action, as the right hand scissor blades tend to splay apart when squeezed with a left hand. 
  4. Student Instruments
    Our economy line of spring scissors are perfect for students who are doing small animal surgeries or dissection in a research laboratory. Our student spring scissors are manufactured from hardened surgical grade stainless steel. They are perfect for classroom use or as disposable instruments.
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