Dri-Ref Reference Electrode, Short

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Low electrolyte leakage, stable potential with low resistance

  • 2 mm diameter (short)
  • Extremely low electrolyte leakage
  • Stable, reproducible potential with low resistance
  • Chemically resistant to strong acids and bases


  • May be used with ion selective electrodes without contamination from the reference electrode


  • Small volume, low salt concentration measurement (SDR)

Dri-Ref™ reference electrodes were developed by WPI to have extremely low electrolyte leak­age properties, hence the name “Dri-Ref.” In addition to this key feature, these electrodes exhibit stable and reproducible potential and low resistance. Stored in KCl when not in use, they have a long life expectancy.

May be used with ion selective electrodes

Although the internal filling solution contains KCI, the low fluid leakage means Dri-Ref may be used in combination with ion selective electrodes, including those for K+ and Cl-, without significant contamination from the reference electrode.
The Dri-Ref electrodes are chemically resistant to strong acids and alkalines. Dri-Ref electrodes are not suitable for use in organic solvents. In addition, the long, thin FLEXREF may be easily manipulated to accommodate a difficult experimental setup.

SUPER-Dri-Ref – With a diameter of 2mm, SUPER-Dri-Ref does not leak electrolyte at all. Exhibiting the electrical stability of a classic flow­ing junction reference cell, this electrode exhibits low re­sis­tance and a stable half-cell po­ten­tial es­sen­tial­ly in­de­pen­dent of sample electrolyte concentration. SUPER-Dri-Ref is ideal for small vol­ume and low salt concentration mea­sure­ments.

Micro-Reference Electrode – Only 450 µm in diameter and one inch long, the new DRIREF-450 reference elec­trode can be used along with other sensors in space-restricted areas and very small sam­ple vol­umes.

Luer-Tip Reference – The male luer fitting at the front of the DRIREF-L allows it to be easily connected to a female luer port.

LENGTH 2.54 cm 9 cm 13 cm 13 cm 9 cm 7.5 cm 3.5 cm 2.54 cm
DIAMETER 450 µm 4.7 mm 2 mm 1.5 mm 2 mm Standard Luer 4.7 mm 2 mm
CONSTRUCTION Coated Glass Epoxy Isoplast™ Teflon™ PVC Polypropylene Epoxy Isoplast™
RESISTANCE (TYPICAL) < 5 K Ω ~500 Ω ~2.7 KΩ ~2.7 KΩ < 5 KΩ ~500 Ω ~500 Ω ~2.7 KΩ
ELECTROLYTE LEAKAGE (ML/HR) ~7.4×10⁻⁷  ~5.7×10⁻⁸  ~5.7×10⁻⁸  — 7.4×10⁻⁷ ~7.4×10⁻⁷ ~5.7×10⁻⁸
LEAD LENGTH 30 in. (76 cm)
CONNECTOR  2 mm pin       
Filling Solution  KCl       



J.S. Erlichman, J.C. Leiter "Identification of CO2 chemorecptors in Helix pomatia" American Zoologist 37. 1997: 54-64

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