Compare Dri-Ref Reference Electrodes


Dri-Ref™ reference electrodes were developed by WPI to have extremely low electrolyte leakage properties, hence the name “Dri-Ref.” In addition to this key feature, these electrodes exhibit stable and reproducible potential and low resistance. Stored in KCl when not in use, they have a long life expectancy. Low leakage is achieved by using KONBO™, a product combining modern ceramic and conductive polymer technology, as the liquid junction. Electrode resistance is low, an important consideration when making low-noise measurements.

Although the internal filling solution contains KCI, the low fluid leakage means Dri-Ref may be used in combination with ion selective electrodes, including those for K+ and Cl-, without significant contamination from the reference electrode.

The Dri-Ref electrodes are chemically resistant to strong acids and alkalines. Dri-Ref electrodes are not suitable for use in organic solvents. In addition, the long, thin FLEXREF may be easily manipulated to accommodate a difficult experimental setup.


With a diameter of 2-mm, SUPER-Dri-Ref does not leak electrolyte at all. Exhibiting the electrical stability of a classic flowing junction reference cell, this electrode exhibits low resistance and a stable half-cell potential essentially independent of sample electrolyte concentration. SUPER-Dri-Ref is ideal for small volume and low salt concentration measurements.

Micro-Reference Electrode

Only 450µm in diameter and 1inch long, WPI’s new DRIREF-450 reference electrode can be used along with other sensors in space-restricted areas and very small sample volumes.

Luer-Tip Reference

The male luer fitting at the front of the DRIREF-L allows it to be easily connected to a female luer port (see WPI’s luer fittings) to form a tight seal — a very convenient installation for a flow-through system.

Comparison Chart of DriRef Specifications

 Electrode Length Diameter Construction Lead Length Connector Resistance (typical) Filling Solution Electrolyte Leakage (mL/hr)
DRIREF-450 2.54cm 450µm Coated Glass 30 in. (76cm) 2mm pin < 5KΩ KCl
DRIREF-5 9cm 4.7mm Epoxy 30 in. (76cm) 2mm pin ~500Ω KCl > ~7.4×10-7
DRIREF-2 13cm 2mm Isoplast™ 30 in. (76cm) 2mm pin ~2.7KΩ KCl ~5.7×10-8
FLEXREF 13cm 1.5 mm Teflon™ 30 in. (76cm) 2mm pin ~2.7KΩ KCl ~5.7×10-8
SDR2 9cm 2 mm PVC 30 in. (76cm) 2mm pin < 5KΩ KCl
DRIREF-L 7.5cm Standard Luer Polypropylene 30 in. (76cm) 2mm pin ~500Ω KCl ~7.4×10-7
DRIREF-5SH 3.5cm 4.7mm Epoxy 30 in. (76cm) 2mm pin ~500Ω KCl ~7.4×10-7
DRIREF-2SH 2cm 2 mm Isoplast™ 30 in. (76cm) 2mm pin ~2.7KΩ KCl ~5.7×10-8

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