Carbon Fiber Electrode, Length 100 um

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  • Diameter: 30 um
  • Length: 100 um
  • Pack of 5
  • Ultra-sensitive and low noise
  • Built to order. Please allow up to four weeks manufacturing time.

Electrochemical detection of oxidizable compounds

Carbon fiber microelectrodes have been used in both the detection of oxidizable compounds (Gonon, et al., 1978; Cahill and Wightman, 1995) and extracellular single-unit recording (Armstrong-James and Millar, 1979). WPI™s ultra-sensitive and low-noise carbon fiber (CF) electrodes can be applied, with our Micro-C Potentiostat or similar instruments, in the electrochemical detection of catecholamines (epinephrine, norepinephrine and dopamine), indolamines (serotonin, 5-HT or melatonin), Fe (II) and other oxidizable compounds.


Fig. 1-Excellent linearity in response of carbon fiber electrode (CF30-500) to dopamine recorded on a MicroC. Courtesy: Drs. D Yeomans and X.-T. Wang, University of Illinis at Chicago.


CF electrodes (diameter of 10 or 30 um) respond with an excellent linearity to the oxidizable compounds and can detect the compounds as low as 0.2 nM. The shorter (25-100 um) CF electrodes are suitable for in vivo amperometric and voltammetric measurements. When used with the Micro-C Potentiostat, these CF electrodes can be activated and renewed in sensitivity for multiple use. The selective detection of catecholamines can be achieved with our Nafion-coated CF electrodes. For selective detection of 5-HT, please contact WPI for more information.

Fig. 2-Extracellular recording using a carbon electrode in CA1 region of the hippocampus in an anesthetized rat shows ultra-low noise ( ≤5μV). Courtesy: Dr. Carolyn Harley of Memorial University, Newfoundland, Canada.

M. Potie, F. Bedioui, J. Devnck "New Composite Modified Carbon Microfibers for Sensitive and Selective Determination of Physiologically Relevant Concentrations of Nitric Oxide in Solution" Electroanalysis 11. 1999: 845-850

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