Programmable Filter Module for SI Systems

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Choose the modules you need to measure nearly anything in muscle physiology

  • Low Pass Filter
  • Bessel and Butterworth filters
  • Programmable cutoff frequency
  • Signal may be routed through the backplane or through the front panel BNCs
  • For use with the SI-BMFA



Order code Style
 SI-PF100 Standalone
 SI-PF100B Blade


  • General purpose filter module for nearly all type of noisy signal


  • Muscle physiology applications using SI-H muscle tester platforms

When you use a motor, an SI-PF100B Programmable Filter is necessary to minimize the natural vibration. It is designed so you can eliminate the resonance frequency without affecting the signal of interest. It is a low pass filter set to pass signals of interest below the specified frequency. It can be calibrated from 5 to 1,000 Hz.

You may select either a Bessel or a Butterworth filter. Then, you must carefully select the cutoff frequency based on the typical resonance frequency of your force transducer and your own experimental setup.

When the Signal Conditioning Amplifier System electronics are configured at the factory with an SI-PF100B Programmable Filter, the signal is routed internally from the amplifier module (SI-BAM21-LCB) to the SI-PF100B. If you prefer, the signal may be routed from the amplifier through the ports on the front panel of the Programmable Filter using a standard BNC cable.

Module Styles

This unit is available in two styles, depending on how you will use the filter. It is available as a module that slides into the SI-BMFA system. Order the low pass filter blade module (SI-PF100B) when you are ordering a complete muscle physiology electronics system.

If you want a stand alone low pass filter, order the unit (SI-PF100) that comes with a power supply and enclosure.

This low pass filter  is a standalone unit, complete with power supply and enclosure.

Power 12 VDC provided by chassis
Input ± 10 VDC
FILTER TYPES Bessel, Butterworth


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