WPI Swiss Tweezers

Order code
  • 11cm (4.3") Long
  • Straight
  • See details and specification for more information


Part # Metal
504524 Ni-Cr-Mo Superalloy
504516 Ni-Cr-Mo Superalloy, Diamond Coated Tips
504515 Anti-Magnetic, Diamond Coated Tips

Super Alloy NC

• Ni-Cr-Mo super alloy
• Excellent strength from room temperature to 800°C
• Six times harder than antimagnetic stainless steel
• Resistant to fatigue, very high shape retention
• Fully non-magnetic
• Excellent corrosion resistance to most chemicals, salts and acids
• Typical applications include non-magnetic tools for electronic and watch industry applications and for laboratory and medical applications in aggressive chemical environments.

High–tech Coating DC

General notes: This coating is composed of carbon clusters which develop a crystal structure similar to a natural diamond and practically detain the same properties of the diamond. This high-tech coating is done by a very innovative plasma-assisted deposition technique. During this process a pure diamond film grows directly on the exposed surfaces of the metallic substrate (this is not diamond powder adhesively bonded on the metal surface).

  • High hardness (up to 80 GPa) High adhesion to the metallic substrate
  • Black color
  • Thin layer (2 microns), high elasticity
  • Extremely high wear and abrasion resistance (protects fine tip tweezers from wearing)
  • No particulate shedding (no contamination of the handled components)
  • Chemically inert up to 350°C.
  • Bio-compatible (maintain cell integrity, no inflammatory response), no contamination of biological tissue with metal particles
  • Very clean material
  • NVR (Non Volatile Residue): 0.088 μg/cm2
  • LPC 0.5 μm (Liquid Particle Count): 7043 counts/cm2
  • IC (Ion Chromatoghraphy):
    • chloride 0.039 μg/cm2
    • nitrate not detected
    • sulfate 0.005 μg/cm2
    • total anions 0.114 μg/cm2
  • ESD safe


Mechanical properties:

State: 50% cold reduction
Density: 8.4 g/cm3
Hardness: Rockwell C 60-64 (Highest hardness at tweezers tip)
Tensile strength, ultimate: 1500 MPa
Tensile strength, yield: 1250 MPa
Elongation, break: 5%
Modulus of elasticity: 208 GPa
Thermal properties

Coef. of lin. therm expansion: 12.8 E-6/°C 25°C-100°C
Coef. of lin. therm expansion: 13.4 E-6/°C 25°C-300°C
Specific heat capacity: 0.41 J/(g·K)
Thermal conductivity: 10 W/(m·K)
Continuous use temperature: 600°C
Max service temperature, air: 980°C

Electrical properties
Resistivity 1.29E-4 Ohm-cm

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