2 Channel Temperature Controller

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  • Uses PID control to maintain a constant temperature with ±0.1ºC tolerance
  • Easy to control with simple interface
  • Also, available as a stand-alone device ­— call for details and price
  • 2-Slot control module for maintaining temperature control
  • For use with the SI-BMFA


  • Controls two cuvettes simultaneously
  • User defined high and low alarm warnings


  • Muscle physiology applications using SI-H muscle tester platforms

The SI-H Temperature Control Unit is designed for use with the SI-H line of muscle physiology research platforms. It maintains the temperature of an SI-H cuvette up to 45ºC. It is accurate to 0.1ºC. The circuit is appropriate to RTD (resistive temperature device) applications. It linearly converts a temperature reading to a voltage that is displayed as a temperature on the SI-TCM2 and can be recorded. This unit is available in a stand-alone model and as a module for the Signal Conditioning Amplifier System backplane.


Input Configuration Current to voltage converter
Operating Temperature Range  Room temperature
Maximum Temperature 45ºC
Display Precision   0.1ºC
Controller Resolution  0.1ºC
Cuvette Temperature Sensor 1000 Ω RTD (1000 Ω at 0ºC)
Power Requirements 12 V DC at 2.5A 50/60 Hz wall adaptor,
2.5 mm ID/5.5 mm OD with positive center DC barrel (included–WPI #801513)
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