Signal Conditioning Amplifier System Power Frame Enclosure

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Choose the amplifier modules you need to measure nearly anything!

  • Ergonomic design
  • Backplane design includes provision for configurable communication between modules
  • Small footprint
  • 8-Channel - Up to eight slots available for modules
  • Includes the empty chassis which can be used for the SI amplifiers like the SI-BAM21-LCB
  • Chassis is recommended for 2 or more SI-BAM21-LCB modules, SI-AOSUB anti-oscillation module or the SI-PF100 filter module
  • Chassis by itself includes 6 blank panels (WPI #95323)


  • Up to eight modules connected through the backplane of the chassis allows researchers to assemble the set of electronics they need for their own custom applications
  • Standard configuration options are available for Muscle Tester platforms


  • Process transduction of physical signals, displacement and optical force transducer outputs

The transduction of physical signals in the last decade has increasingly moved in the direction of the computer with an electronic amplifier. Further signal conditioning and analysis of sampled raw data is then handled efficiently in software, like WPI’s MDAC package. The software preserves the raw data and is highly reliable. Operations such as integration, differentiation, filtration and even waveform generation are now efficiently handled in software. On the other hand, however, the transduction of physical signals such as bio-potentials, force, temperature, pressure or ionic concentrations must be measured with an electronic amplifier.

SIH/WPI’s physiology amplifier system focuses on this idea and provides a flexible electronic platform intended to process the transduction of physical signals, displacement transducer outputs from force transducer signals. This platform simply focuses on the reliable transduction of the electronic signal and provides a convenient passage for the translation of real world signals to a computer for analysis.

Eight modules connected through backplane

The system consists of a chassis with eight slots on the backplane and includes an ultra quiet, shielded power supply. All of the module outputs are routed to rear panel connectors. If you prefer, outputs may be routed internally to the inputs of other modules. The system has a small footprint and may be stacked to provide as many channels as you need.

The SI-BMFA Power Frame is the foundation of the SI modular physiology suite. It incorporates a robust power supply that can accommodate up to eight physiology modules, which can be mixed or matched in any combination. Modules are quick and easy to install, thanks to an innovative and mechanically solid card rail system.

The system is flexible and configurable. A variety of modules are available for the Signal Conditioning Amplifier System, and you can mix and match the modules to suit your requirements.

  • Optical Transducer Amplifier—SI-BAM21-LCB 
  • Programmable Filter Module—SI-PF100B 
  • Linear Motor Control Module—SI-MOTDB 
  • Temperature Control Module—SI-TCM2B
  • Anti-Oscillation Module—SI-AOSUB 
  • Constant Load Module—SI-COLUB 

Standard options available for muscle testers

When the system is ordered with SI-MT (Muscle Tester) system, the Signal Conditioning Amplifier System (chassis) is configured with an SI-BAM21-LCB. Optional modules include an SI-TCM2B Temperature Control Module, an SI-MOTDB Linear Motor Controller, an SI-PF100B Programmable Filter Mondule, the SI-AOSUB Anti-Oscillation Module and the SI-COLUB Constant Load Unit. The Temperature Control Module and  Linear Motor Controller require two slots each on the chassis backplane.

More Choices:
  1. Anti-Oscillation Unit
    Anti-Oscillation Unit
  2. Optical Force Transducer Amplifier Module
    Optical Force Transducer Amplifier Module
  3. Constant Load Unit for Muscle Tester
    Constant Load Unit for Muscle Tester
  4. 2 Channel Temperature Controller
    2 Channel Temperature Controller
  5. Programmable Filter Module for SI Systems
    Programmable Filter Module for SI Systems
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