Repair of Out-of-Warranty WPI Equipment


WPI offers a full-service repair facility if your out-of-warranty equipment malfunctions or fails to power up.

The WPI repair plan offers fixed prices for your repairs regardless of the issue. The prices are based on whether or not the instrument powers on. You know the cost of your repair up front before you even send in your unit. If your unit powers on but is malfunctioning, you need a WPI REFRESH. If your unit fails to power on, you need a WPI REVIVE.



  repair and service Repair including necessary replacement parts
  Annual Cleaning & Calibrations Cleaning and calibration or verification against WPI internal standards using NIST traceable equipment (when applicable)
A certificate is supplied.
   5-day factory turnaround

Minimize downtime with 5-day turnaround time, once the unit is received at the WPI Service Center

   free shipping to and from the factory FREE ground shipping from the WPI Service Center 

NOTE: WPI products more than 10 years old are considered obsolete. They are ineligible for the REFRESH and REVIVE programs. While our repair shop may be able to fix thos products, the price depends on the issues encountered and may require longer than five days.



Contact WPI Service Department now to REFRESH your Out-of-Warranty equipment.

Call: (800) 866-1974 or Email:



Decontamination Prior to Sending Equipment to WPI Service Center

An instrument that is sent to the WPI Service Center needs to be decontaminated to prevent health risks.

  1. Observe the notes on the decontamination certificate.
  2. Decontaminate all the parts you would like to send to WPI.
  3. Download the Decontamination Certificate and include it when you ship your unit to the WPI Service Center.

Complete Decontamination Form Online





NOTE: Equipment needs to be operational for this service.

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