Glass and Holders

Whether you are making your own electrodes or using ours, we have a variety of microelectrode holders, along with a variety of accessories for filling glass micropipettes. We even have opitical quality glass bottom dishes for delicate cell work under a microscope. 


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WPI’s microelectrode holder-half-cells couple fluid-filled glass micropipettes to high input impedance amplifiers. A Ag/AgCl pellet (or a silver wire) molded into the holder body provides stable potential. Electrical connection is made via male 2mm pins or female 2mm sockets. The pipette may be mounted axially or at right angles to the holder. Pipettes are held with screw-caps or rubber gaskets (without caps). Filling WPI microelectrode holders with electrolytes containing chloride results in stable electrode potential. Suitable electrolytes include KCl, NaCl andCaCl2. Holders are supplied for standard WPI single glass capillary tubing of 1.0, 1.2, 1.5 and 2.0mm outside diameters. (Call WPI regarding custom designs for other glass diameters.) The holder style you select will depend on your experimental application, space, and instrumentation.

More Information

For tips on selecting and using our micropipette holders, see Micropipette Holders and Half Cells.