Tissue Slicers for Cell Researchers

Integraslice Vibrating Microtome

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CA-5100MZ, CA-5100MZ-Plus

  • Vibration frequency: 50–80Hz
  • Adjustable amplitude: 0.5–1.5mm
  • Fine control of the blade advance (min. 0.1 mm/sec)
  • Set start and finish position of blade travel
  • Remote controls allowing for sterile use in culture hood
  • Ice water bath easily removed for cleaning
  • Optional cold light and magnifier for clear observation
  • Z-axis calibration unit (Optional)
  • Peltier cooled bath (Optional)
  • Choose Z-Axis Deflection: 5-8 µm (CA-5100MZ) or 2.0 µm (CA-5100MZ-Plus)
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Z-Axis Deflection:

Spare Bath Chamber for Vibroslice

Item#: VSLM1C
  • Fits both Manual & Motorized Vibroslice
Unit Price: 257.00


15 Degree Tilt Holder for Vibroslice

Item#: 503095
  • Fits both Manual & Motorized Vibroslice
Unit Price: 371.00


Spare Specimen Holder for Vibroslice

Item#: VSLM1H
  • Fits both Manual & Motorized Vibroslice
Unit Price: 125.00


Vibroslice Blades, Single Edge, pkg of 100

Item#: BLADES-2
Unit Price: 50.00


Ceramic Blades for INTEGRASLICE/CA-5100MZ

Item#: 501631
Unit Price: 335.00




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