Data Acquisition for Life Science Research

The data acquisition software shows a completed motor position protocol.LabScribe is the powerful data acquisition software included with Lab-Trax™ (formerly DataTrax). The acquisition and data display in LabScribe is easy and straight forward. It supports real units and a time-based display that is not coupled to sample rate. You can display up to 1,000,000 data points per channel on the screen. Scrolling, zoom-in and zoom-out tools, together with a searchable list of user interventions, make finding important areas of data easy. And, of course, you can print or export anything that you see. See the details on LabScribe software. MDAC software for Lab-Trax was designed specifically for muscle physiology applications. Get the details on MDAC software.


Lab-Trax 4/24 T Cable

Item#: 300344
  • 8 pin DIN to BNC adapter
Unit Price: 94.00


8-Channel Data Acquisition System with MDAC Software


Low noise, high resolution system with 8 AI and 4 AO channels

  • Powerful low-noise (<1 mV RMS) and high-resolution (16 bits) data acquisition system for sampling up-to 8 Analog In-Channels and 4 Analog Out-Channels simultaneously, using standard BNC connections
  • Advanced trigger control of almost any external device by adding 16 digital I/O channels, using standard BNC or DB-9 connections
  • MDAC software provides easy to use interface controlling, with extensible standard and customized Data Processing and Analysis Tools

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LabTrax 4-Channel Data Acquisition

Item#: LAB-TRAX-4
  • 16-bit resolution
  • Includes LabScribe software
Unit Price: 1998.00