Tungsten Fiber Light Source

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High color temperature

  • Visible light source
  • 380 nm – 1700 nm
  • Low drift < 0.5 mAU/h
  • SMA fiber connection
  • Electrical shutter control (switch & TTL)

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  • Bulb with 10000 h lifetime
  • Fits all of WPI's fiber optic probes and flow cells
  • Design matched to LWCC applications
  • Temperature controlled optical bench


  • Low noise VIS absorbance measurements
  • Trace analysis of nutrients in seawater and freshwater
  • CDOM analysis in seawater
  • Analytical chemistry, environmental science and life science

The FO-6000 is a continuous fiber optic light source featuring an extended visible part of the light source (380 nm - 1700 nm). It has a SMA fiber optic connector. Both, shutter and lamp can be controlled via a switch or external TTL triggering. This light source offers a wide assortment of applications. A special feature of the FO-6000 is its color balancing optics, which shifts the usable range of the light source from traditional 420 nm down to 380 nm wavelength. Due to its thermally controlled optical bench, it is particularly suitable for low noise and low drift applications.

FO-6000 Spectrum

Application VIS/NIR
Spectral Range 380–1700nm
Deuterium lamp life NA
Tungsten/Halogen lamp life 3000* hr
Stability <1mAU/h
Power Consumption 6W
Power requirements 12V DC/1A
Shutter/TTL trigger Yes
Max. Fiber Output 1000µm
Connections SMA
Shipping Weight 1.3 lb. (0.6kg)
Dimensions (W/H/L) 4.8 x 2.8 x 7.5", (120 x 70 x 190mm)
Notes: *Lamp life is dependent upon internal power settings.

M. LÃpez de Armentia, C. Cabanes, C. Belmonte "Electrophysiological properties of identified trigeminal ganglion neurons innervating the cornea of the mouse" Neuroscience 101. 2000: 1109-1115

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