Microforges, Pullers, Bevelers

Microforges, Pullers, Bevelers

When you are making your own glass micropipettes and microelectrodes, you need a few reliable appliances you can count on, including a puller for custom pulling your own pipettes, a microforge for fire polishing and a beveler for putting precise angles on your tips.

More Information

For an overview of this product category, see the Microforges, Pullers, Bevelers Application Guide.

  1. Microforge Accessories
    See the common accessories necessary for use with microforges, microbevelers and micropipette pullers.
  2. Bevelers
    Here is a set of affordable bevelers for polishing your micropipettes.
  3. Microforges
    Here is a set of affordable microforges for creating your micropipettes.
  4. Pullers
    Find a puller for making your own custom microelectrodes for your electrophysiology laboratory and micropipettes for your microinjection applications.
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