Standard Rectangular Quartz Cuvette, 50mm path, Style C

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  • 52.5 x 12.5 x 45mm
  • V=17.5mL
  • Beam Width 10mm

See the current Data Sheet.

WPI’s glass and synthetic quartz cuvettes are ideal for UV/VIS/NIR absorbance or fluorescence experiments. Synthetic quartz can be used in deep UV applications and is recommended for fluorescent applications, as it does not exhibit background fluorescence. Quartz cuvettes (absorbance, fluorescence and flow) are shipped individually packaged. These economic quartz are ideal for precision measurements because of their high quality materials used and their low manufacturing tolerances.

Technical Characteristics

Spectral Range (>80%): 200-2500 nm; Transmission Difference between different cuvettes: Less than 1% (Typical transmission curves of synthetic quartz cuvettes were measured empty, thickness 1.25 mm x 2, including surface reflections, measured with a TIDAS II against air as reference).

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