Pressure Calibration Chamber

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  • Pressure calibration chamber
  • For use with the 900A Micropressure System

The CAL900A creates a stable platform to test the system and calibrate the voltage output signal to known pressures for data recording. This accessory is sold separately. The following directions assume you are using the CAL900A.

  1. Prepare the two electrolyte solutions:
    • Microelectrode Solution (e.g. NaCl)
    • Electrolyte Bath Solution (e.g. NaCl)
  2. Put the Electrolyte Bath Solution into the CAL900A Pressure Calibration Chamber. The level should be enough to cover the Ag/AgCl pellet in the CAL900A.
  3. Connect the integrated blue ground (Ag/AgCl pellet) connection of the CAL900A to the CKT or CHAS ground connection on the 900A using a banana to 2 mm pin adapter (WPI #13776).

NOTE: The CKT and CHAS ground connections are electrically connected with a metal strap, so either ground connection is suitable.

TIP: Connecting the CAL900A to the ground on the 900A will allow a completed circuit when the microelectrode is inserted in the CAL900A chamber. As such, the integrated Ag/AgCl electrode in the CAL900A now serves as the reference electrode, for testing the system. If you are NOT using the CAL900A, fill a petri dish with Electrolyte Bath Solution, and immerse a dry Ag/AgCl reference electrode. Connect the reference electrode to the 900A through the CKT or CHAS ground connection, as with the CAL900A. 

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