FluoroDish Cell Cultures

FluoroDish Cell Cultures

Better Imaging Results with Optical-Grade Glass Bottom Dishes

WPI's optical quality glass bottom FluoroDish Cell Culture dishes offer better imaging quality. There are several varieties that let life science researchers work with small sample volumes. This is necessary when researchers are working with expensive chemicals or experimental drugs. They are designed with the lowest access angle for easier insertion of a micropipette during cellular microinjection. They are perfect for live cell imaging and embryo research.

Cited in hundreds of reference articles, our optical grade, glass bottom dishes are unique in the marketplace and conform to strict quality control standards.

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FluoroDish Features and Benefits

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Fluorodish in use on a microscope.Bottom as thin as a cover slip

The optical-grade, glass bottoms on our cell culture dishes is the thickness of a coverslip (0.17 mm ±0.01 mm thick), offering better imaging quality. (Its refractive index is just 1.525). This allows for a much shorter working distance, and it let you use immersion objectives for the highest possible magnification. This glass has 30% UV transmission rate (at 300 nm), which is exceptional. The most popular German glass has a UV transmission rate of less than 7%.

The larger numerical aperture of our FluoroDish glass bottoms means you can use a higher magnification (up to 100×). You will notice the difference in the images you make, whether you are using classical or fluorescent microscopy. You get brighter fluorescence images and high resolution for image analysis.

Low sample volumes

Low sample volumes makes these dishes ideal when you are using expensive drugs or chemicals. As little as 115 µL will cover the bottom well of our FD3510 FluoroDish with 10 mm well! For large growth areas, try our FD5040 50 mm cell culture dishes. Multiple sizes are available so you can choose the correct one for your application. You can even get these dishes with a Poly-D-Lysine coating, which helps the adhesion of neurons.

Designed for research

Slim side walls on the culture dishes mean a low access angle for greater flexibility with your microelectrode placement.

Black wall cell culture dishes are available for low background fluorescent measurements.

Culture dishes are constructed with a low toxicity adhesive to protect the viability of your cell cultures.

FluoroDish Cell Culture Dishes Applications

Our glass bottom dishes are ideal for high resolution image analysis, microinjection and electrophysiological recording of fluorescent-tagged cells. Our line of black wall cell culture dishes is perfect for use with confocal microscopes.

It is no wonder that WPI's FluoroDish Cell Culture Dishes are so popular with research. Give us a call today at (866) 606-1974 to discuss volume discounts on your next order. 

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