Reusable Rapid Punch Biopsy Kit with replacement 0.5mm tip

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  • Heavy duty reusable punch
  • Designed for heavy, numerous and precise sampling operations up to 2000 punches
  • Full CNC machined 6061-T6 Aluminum alloy punch parts
  • Tip composition: Stainless steel 440C with heat treatment HRC 58 hardness
  • All new intelligent plunger system and changeable plunger sizes
  • Sterilization: ETO (ethyline oxide)
  • Kit includes : one tip 0.5mm, one plunger
  • other tip sizes available

The Rapid-Punch consists of a razor sharp cutting tip designed to cut, retrieve and store cored samples from source materials such as tissue, gels, paper, cloth, leaves, paint chips, films or other thin substrates. The Rapid-Punch is recommended as the special DNA sampling tool. It is ideal for forensic and most laboratory sampling purposes. Designed for heavy, numerous and precise sampling operations. It is durable, lasting up to 2000 punches.

Taking Forensic Samples

  1. Place the sample material on the self-healing cutting matt.  The source material could be tissue, gels, paper, cloth, leaves, paint chips, films or other thin substrates.
  2. Remove the cap from the tip of the biopsy punch. 
  3. Position the tip perpendicular to the sample material so that the punch is vertically straight above the material. DO NOT PRESS THE PLUNGER. 
  4. Firmly hold the punch and press the tip downward into the source material until you feel the punch touch the cutting mat. 
  5. The cored sample will remain inside the punch as you lift the punch from the cutting mat.
  6. To eject the sample, position the tip of the punch over the area where you want to deposit the sample. Then, depress the plunger on the punch.

NOTE: After taking a sample, you may lay the punch down without fear of losing your sample. The sample remains safely inside the punch tip until you eject it. 

Taking Biological Samples

  1. Prior to taking biological tissue samples, tissue is usually shaved into 1-2 mm thick slices. Our Integraslice Vibrating Microtome (# CA5100MZ or CA5100MZ-PLUS) or our Brain Matrices may be used for this purpose. 
  2. Place the samples in a petri dish with an absorbent paper soaked in saline solution. Or, you can place the tissue on an ice-cold dissection plate.
  3. Take samples using the same procedure used for taking forensic samples.
  4. Eject the sample by depressing the plunger on the punch.


Clean the tip every time you take a sample. 

  1. To clean the punch, core blank filter paper.
  2. Rinse the punch with XXX. If your sample was dry, you could spray the punch with compressed air to remove any remaining debris. 
  3. Rinse mat thoroughly with XXX after you take a sample.


The aluminum barrel of each biopsy punch is machined from high grade 6061-T6. It is lightweight, seamless, aluminum tubing. Because they are anodized to form a protective coating, the punches are chemically resistant and have a long lasting finish for easy handling. Punches include a deluxe plastic case.

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