Rochester-Carmalt Hemostatic Forceps, 20cm, Curved

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  • 20cm (7.75") Long
  • Curved
  • Longitudinally serrated blade with cross-hatched tip
  • Stainless steel

501717_tipNicknamed the "stars and stripes hemostat," the Rochester-Carmalt Forceps are characterized by the longitudinal serrations that run the length of the blade with cross-hatching at the tip. These large, crushing hemostatic forceps are a choice instrument for clamping blood vessels and large tissues or ligating pedicles. The textured blades, along with the scissor like ratchet handles, ensure a strong grip of the clamped tissue with minimal chance of cutting the tissue during a procedure. One application for the Rochester-Carmalt Forceps is an ovariohysterectomy, where this instrument is used for crushing the vessels of the ovarian pedicle.

  • Longitudinally serrated blade with cross-hatched tip
  • Securely clamp tissue without cutting it
  • Scissor-like ratchet handles
  • Straight or curved tip in a variety of lengths
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