Dumont Tweezers #7, 12cm, Curved, 0.17 x 0.1mm, Dumoxel

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  • 12cm (4.75") Long
  • Curved
  • 0.17 x 0.1mm Tips
  • Non-magnetic
  • Dumoxel

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Inox & Stainless Steel Material Information

Choose Inox or Stainless Steel forceps for general use applications. They are autoclavable, have general corrosion resistance, and Rockwell Hardness measurement of 55-56 which makes them strong enough to resist breakage but flexible enough to bend slightly. The maximum temperature these materials can handle is 350° C and they are magnetic.

Dumoxel Material Information

Resistant to staining, but slightly softer and less magnetic than stainless steel (Rockwell Hardness measurement of 36). Higher resistance to corrosion due to high content of molybdum and chromium. Very resistant to sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid and other mineral and organic acids. Autoclavable. More likely to bend than to break. The maximum temperature this material can withstand is 350° C.

Dumostar Material Information

Highly resistant to metal fatigue, has great elasticity, and is durable (Rockwell Hardness measurement of 62). Resistant to mineral and organic acids, salt. Autoclavable. More likely to break than to bend. The maximum temperature this material can withstand is 550° C.

Titanium Material Information

Completely stain-free, 40% lighter than regular stainless steel, completely non-magnetic, but is also the softest alloy (Rockwell Hardness measurement of 37. Can be used in a corrosive environment. Autoclavable. The maximum temperature this material can withstand is 550° C.

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