26g Beveled Replacement NanoFil needles

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  • Tip O.D.: 460uM
  • Total Length: 40.0 mm
  • Tip Material: Stainless Steel
  • Package of 2

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Our beveled tips are shorter, more durable, and offer better penetration than standard removable needles.

Tri-surface bevel

Beveling the needle on three sides creates an actual point on the needle that penetrates better and is more durable than a single beveled needle. In addition, the distance from the point to the upper opening of the tip is reduced allowing for less penetration into the tissue and therefore less tissue damage.

O. Konopatskaya, a.J. Churchill, S.J. Harper, D.O. Bates, T.A. Gardiner "VEGF165b, an endogenous C-terminal splice variant of VEGF, inhibits retinal neovascularization in mice" Molecular Vision 12. 2006: 626-632

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