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Specialty Wire

  1. Precious Metals and Specialty Wire
    April 25, 2013
    WPI offers a variety of precious metals and wire. The table below compares the specifications of the various wires. The following hints are offered to help you understand the part number codes and choose the wire you need: Micro coaxial cables (MAXxxxx) are ideal for microelectrode fabrication and construction of similar research tools. The dual shielding eliminates electrical interference caused by radio frequencies (RF), electrostatic and microphonics (e.g., bending and vibration). Available with single or dual (twin) conductors. Thermocouple wire is for tem­per­a­ture mon­i­tor­ing. TCK3050 has a chromel/alumel pair, for use in inert or oxidizing atmosphere at 1500-1800 °F. Teflon-coated stainless steel (type 304) wire (SSTxxxx) is available in 25-ft and 50-ft lengths. The Teflon coating is 4µm thick. Carbon wire (C3005) is a single
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