Luer Valve Assortment Kit

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Build your own liquid flow experiment with this Luer kit

  • Over 300 assorted Luer fittings and parts
  • Luer fittings for quick and easy connect and disconnect


  • Luer fittings sold individually or in kits


  • Liquid flow experimental setups


This Luer fittings kit is useful for building your own liquid flow experiment. It provides the means to start, stop, add, divide and control a flow of liquid or gas. Included in the kit are over 300 as­sort­ed parts such as one-way and 3-way stopcocks, manifolds, Y-connectors, in­jec­tion sites, male and female luer caps, check valves, syringe-activated check valves, slide clamps, roller clamps, and pinch clamps. All (except clamps) have a luer fitting for quick and easy con­nect­ing and disconnecting. This Luer fittings kit ncludes assorted luer fittings for use with flex­i­ble tubing.

More Information

The image (right) is shot on a 1cm grid. For pictures of the individual fittings, see the article
For information on sterilizing plastic parts, see the article.


Luer to Tubing Coupler Assortment Kit P/N 14011  
  Description Qty
14034-40  Injection Site Male luer lock 15
14039-10 Check Valve 5
14044-5 Syringe-Activated Dual Check Valve 4
14045-20  Syringe Slip Luer Valve Activated Check 5
13822-10  Slide Clamp for 1/8" Tubing 10
14041-60  Roller Clamp for 3/16" OD Tubing 5
7465-20  Pinch Clamp, Large Bore 4
14040-50  Pinch Clamp for 7mm Tubing 10
3742-20  Female T Luer 10
14047-10  4-Port Infusion Y, Swivel Thread 4
14048-20  3-Port Infusion Y, Swivel Thread 5
14057-10  4-Way Stopcock 4
14036-15  4-Way Stopcock 4
14058-10  4-Way Stopcock 4
14035-10  4-Way Stopcock 4
14051-100  Pinch Clamp for 5mm Tubing 10
14038-10  1-Way Stopcock 4
14054-10  1-Way Stopcock 4
14055-2  Manifold, 4-Port 1
14059-2  Manifold, 3-Port 1
13156-100  Female Luer Fitting for 1/16" ID Tubing 20
13157-100  Female Luer Fitting for 3/32" ID Tubing 20
13158-100  Female Luer Fitting for 1/8" ID Tubing 20
13159-100  Female Luer Fitting for 5/32" ID Tubing 20
13160-100  Male Luer Fitting for 1/16" ID Tubing 20
13161-100  Male Luer Fitting for 3/32" ID Tubing 20
13162-100 Male Luer Fitting for 1/8" ID Tubing 20
13163-100 Male Luer Fitting for 5/32" ID Tubing 20
14061-60 Male/Female Luer Plug 20
14042-100 Slide Clamp for 2.5mm O.D. Tubing 20
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