Professional Grade Binocular Microscope

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Best-seller in universities, medical schools, research laboratories

  • Titanium finished DIN or semi-plan optic
  • 30 year antifungal coating
  • Binocular

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  • Affordable research grade microscope


  • Universities, medical schools, and research laboratories

The W30S professional-grade microscope is a best-seller in universities, medical schools, and research laboratories. Equipped for performance, its features include titanium-finished DIN or Semi-Plan optics and a 30-year antifungal coating. The W30S is the choice for superior performance at a great price.


HEAD Binocular (Seidentopf)
Inclined 30°
Rotates 360°
Dual diopter adjustment
Interpupillary distance range 55-75 mm
10X/18 wide field eyepieces
Dual binocular
NOSEPIECE Quadruple forward-facing nosepiece
Multiple ball bearing mounted
30-year anti-fungal coating
4X, 10X, 40X, 100XR (oil)
Parfocal, parcentric, color-coded

  NA Magnification Field of View Working Distance
40X 0.1 40X 4.5 mm 17.5 mm
10X 0.25 100X 1.8 mm 6.7 mm
40x 0.65 400X 0.45 mm ~2.9 mm
100XR 1.25 1000X 0.18 mm 0.18 mm
STAGE Mechanical stage (140 mm x 140 mm)
Coaxial drive controls
XY Movement: 73 mm x 43 mm
Stage locking lever
Slow-close hydraulic slide finger
FOCUS Coarse adjustment: range of 30 mm
Fine adjustment: graduation of 2 µm
Tension control knob
ILLUMINATION Moveable Abbe condenser, NA 1.25, rack and pinion
Iris diaphragm
Variable LED light source (3W bulb)   
110 V/220 V switchable electronics
ACCESSORIES INCLUDED Replacement 0.5 A fuses
mirror attachment (for field use)
blue and green filters
dust cover
immersion oil
spare bulb
DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT 15" (38 cm) x 9" (23 cm) x 7" (17.8 cm)
14 lb. (6.4kg)


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